These Are The Tree Houses Where You Can Have Fun Time With Your Dearly Kid

Oh Factor- Trek is a good thing, but of course we all need a change to see new things and to feel as well. Drive to spend the weekend around the city which offers stunning beautiful tree house stay, and you will be very close to nature.

Here we have found some phenomenal tree which has been built with a fictional architect mind-

1. Amrute’s Nisarg Sahvas

A homestay tucked away on a hill and surrounded by acres of fruit and spice trees, lush green hills and birds and butterflies for company. You get all of this at Nisarg Sahvas, which is owned and run by the Amrute family. Started as a nursery and a family home, Ashish Amrute has now converted this place into one of the most popular homestays in the area.

Contact: 9921610522 / 9004160590

2. O Nest Homstay

Run by Mithil Pitre and his father, O’Nest is located in Devrukh, which is a relatively unknown village in Konkan and away from the main tourist attractions in Ratnagiri. The concept emerged from a mission to promote the rural life in Konkan and getting travellers back to their roots.

Contact: 8378987789 / 9970841837

3. Atithi Parinay

Atithi Parinay, located in Kotawade village in Ratnagiri is a ‘home-stay’ in its truest forms. The mother-daughter duo, Vasudha and Medha Sahasrabudhe have opened their ancestral home to travellers looking for a real Konkan experience. The accommodation options include traditional cottages, luxury tents, large lavish rooms in the house, but we would recommend the tree house.

Contact: 02352-240121 / 9049981309

4. Osheno Pearl

Osheno Pearl is about 320 km away from Pune. The place is located by the Ganeshgule Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Kokan stretch. The village has lack of hotels, but this homestay spreads way far better vibes than any hotel. The treehouse at Oceano Pearl probably one of the best views as it overlooks the beach. An added attraction is that it can accommodate a complete family and is fully air-conditioned.

Contact: 02352-237800/ 9689559789

5. Shivam Abode

The place Shivam Abode is also known as Satyam Shivam Sundaram which is located at a scenic village called Munawali near Alibaug and Kihim beaches. The place is owned and managed by Shekhar Bhagwat. Initially, he started as a personal farmhouse and now it turned into one of the finest homestays in the area. The most interesting part of the tree house is that a stream flows right underneath. The sounds of the gushing water and the birds chirping make this one dreamy place to stay!

Contact: 9921610522 / 9004160590

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