These 5 Rustic Near Pune is a Place to Visit for the Peaceful Weekends

Oh Factor- Do you feel like the city life is getting to you? If you feel a constant need to get away from the urban life and reconnect with nature, stay at one of these five rustic and off-beat farm stays near Pune.

1. The Hidden Oasis

What started as a family’s retirement plan to run an orphanage is now The Hidden Oasis. An eco-farm and an agro-tourism centre, THO provides self-sufficiency to the orphanage and aims to create environmental awareness. Just an hour’s drive from Pune, THO is a model concept for environmental conservation.

2. Ajanvel Agrotourism

Tired of city life, Rahul Jagtap returned to his native village, Shilim to help his father with farming and poultry rearing. After catering to friends and family who visited his farm for the weekend, Rahul finally converted his farm into an agro-tourism centre. Here, you have the option of either staying in rooms overlooking a lotus pond or in tents. You can also enjoy agricultural activities like rice plantation, field ploughing, and harvesting.

3. The Ecogrid

The EcoGrid is truly off the grid! This farm stay on the Mulshi Lake is run by Raghuvir Almelkar (Andy to everyone) and his wife Nandini. The idea behind EcoGrid is to be able to reconnect with nature. The various structures in the farm have been built using different types of recyclable material and eco-friendly material like mud mortar, reed, thatch, bamboo, dung, and ash.

4. Parasher Agritourism

This farm stay in Rajuri village in Junnar district is run by Manoj and Namrata Hadawale. Named after Sage Parashar, who wrote the world’s first book on agriculture – Krushi-Parashar, this in any agriculture enthusiast’s dream come true. Cow dung floors that keep the place extremely cool, rooms made with dried sugarcane leaves panels, bamboo furnishings, this place takes the ‘eco’ concept a level up! Manoj keenly takes his guests for farm visits and educates them, while Namrata makes the stays enjoyable with her clay modelling and Warli painting sessions.

5. The Rural Door

Krushak Ashram was set up by Shrirang Supnekar to implement ancient agricultural practices with the help of modern technology. Supnerkar’s son, Ameya came up with the concept of The Rural Door where an activity-based farming experience is offered to bring you closer to rural India. The activities at the farm include pottery, ploughing, bullock cart rides, and more.

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