This One Stop Fitness Oriented Gym is a Worth Visit Place in Pune

Oh Factor- The Room is a fitness and lifestyle club offering several individual and a range of 15-20 varied group classes for all ages. Take a step to nurse your way back to good health.

An unlikely setting for a gym, they don’t have the regular weights and cardio set up. This state-of-the-art fitness centre has spacious studios or rooms, with each room dedicated to one form of workout or activity.

The space is divided into four rooms. The Balance Room is where yoga, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics and many other activities takes place. The Cycling Room is dedicated to spinning/cycling. The Flow Room houses all the weights and utilities for personal training. And the fourth is the Live-In Room, where you can chill out and relax after a strenuous class as well as replenish your system with some healthy bites at their cafe. Each class is carefully crafted by a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals. They also have a specially crafted programme called the iChange. A 30-day training plan, this one aims at bringing steady and significant changes to your fitness routine.

Joining The Room is super easy as well. You don’t have to sign up! Their website is well integrated and allows anyone to follow the calendar to know which classes are being conducted when and by whom. You can go in for monthly, half-yearly or annual packages. If you’re unsure of your schedule, you can pop-in anytime for a class by paying a one-time fee.

Contact: 7875300000/ 7768055555

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