These Are The Restaurants In Pune Where You Can Experience A Snuggly Delicious Soups

The ‘Oh’ Factor

Soup bowls then will attack to main course. Sometimes it’s good to surprise your throat with warm and cosy slurpy soups.

Give a visit to these place where you can actually have a good taste on soups, and it will crave you more to order some more hot bowls.

1. Euriska

Source: Tes At Home

Euriska is located in the corner of Pune in Mundhwa. This place has crowned one of the finest mushroom soup in the city with three mushroom broth, finely chopped butter, and garlic which calm down your throat with a luscious taste. Finely famous for the Roast Mushroom Soup dish.

2. Royal China

Source: Evening Falvour

Located in a limelight area of Pune i.e. Koregaon Park. They have Crabmeat Soup to make their customer happy. The dish has the combined with lots of crabmeat, spring onions and vegetables. If you are a seafood lover, then you must go for it.

3. Zora

Source: Zora

On the streets of Yerwada, Zora is a classic chicken broth flavoured explosion. Indian Summer Chicken Soup makes this place delightful. The dish has the most finest combination of succulent chicken chunks, assorted bell peppers which is spiced robustly.

4. Le Plaisir

Source: Food and Prawl

Le Plaisir is placed at Gymkhana Deccan. The roasted tomato soup seasoned with thyme is thick, adding on cheese-gorgonzola and cheddar. Though it makes a Tomato and Cheese Soup which sounds a common recipe but it is actually not as the chefs of the restaurant understands the craving of visitors.

5. Mainland China

Source:Trip Advisor

Mainland China is a spreaded all across the city mostly likely in every locality in Pune. With a choice of vegan, chicken and prawns this place has the delicious slurpy bowl of Lemon Coriander Soup which needed to be try.

6. Sante Spa Cuisine

Source: Just Dial

If you ever walk on the streets of Koregaon Park, check in to this place for luscious Chilled Watermelon Gazpacho if you are a fitness freak. Do not judge this dish according to the name, it’s not so chilled. Star shaped chunks of watermelon, soaked chia seeds and wine vinaigrette reminds you of sunny days.

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