Drive To Taste Best Smoked Meat Dishes In Baner

Oh Factor- Most of the restaurants has a delicious food but people usually get ready for the smoked meats, and the people are knowingly named as smokeries. This place in baner consists of best smoked meat dishes.

Located at Baner-Pashan Link Road, named The Ugly Duckling is the only restaurant in the city to have an in-house smoker, and dishes are smokin’ good. Known for serving spectacular meat dishes, their in-house smoker smokes and grills marinated meats, simultaneously. The process results in succulent well-flavoured meat. When it comes to smoking meats – the marinades, the wood used and mainly the time frame for smoking meat, all play a vital role.

The pork was cooked to a perfect texture and the gravy drizzled over it was delish! The duck was tender and cooked to luscious fall-off-the-bone consistency. The spicy orange sauce complemented the duck beautifully. We found no fault with the smoked chicken either. All the dishes were gorgeously smoked and the smokiness hit our olfactory senses at the very first bite.

We could not resist the temptation and also ordered the Spicy Pulled Pork Burger. Once smoked and cooked, the pork is sautéed in a vibrantly delicious sauce. We also loved that they hadn’t been stingy with the pork. Porcine lovers will not be able to resist this one.

Contact: +91 7768936386 / +91 8390277092

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