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    OhPune has been changed to Pune Mag!

    Dear All,

    This is in regards to rebranding of OhPune to Pune Mag! The reason of change is the requirement from the people of Pune and the connect building between them.

    About Pune Mag!

    An impetus to stay updated with the latest fashion and sophisticated lifestyle trends, Pune Mag is simply life redefined. The content, however, runs beyond just fashion and entertainment to amuse the urban populace! We’ve picked the conventional aspects of a happy and fulfilling life, dedicated a page to each in an attempt to share ideas and information that might just spice up the otherwise mundane everyday life. There’s also titbits on education and career prospects that concerns the adolescents, which has been included with the primary objective to highlight the necessary balance in being frivolous and staying aspirant at the same time.

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    Team – Pune Mag

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    Try out Good Intake of Almond Milk in the City

    Oh Factor- Almond milk is not a new concept – it has been around for years. But the biggest problem has been availability. You could only pick up these from speciality stores. Enter, Good Intake – a company that will deliver vegan, raw and unsweetened almond milk at your doorstep.

    A good source of calcium, almond milk is a saving grace for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan For those who don’t want to miss out on the good things in life, this homemade vegan almond milk by Good Intake is both healthy and delicious. Touted to be a 100% natural, the milk is free of preservatives, artificial additions or added sugar.

    If you don’t want to try the almond milk as is, they also have some interesting flavours apart from the Classic Unsweetened such as Raw Cacao, Turmeric Chai Latte and Matcha Green Tea Latte. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not, almond milk is beneficial for people suffering from diabetics, PCOD or if you simply want to lose some weight.

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    This One Stop Fitness Oriented Gym is a Worth Visit Place in Pune

    Oh Factor- The Room is a fitness and lifestyle club offering several individual and a range of 15-20 varied group classes for all ages. Take a step to nurse your way back to good health.

    An unlikely setting for a gym, they don’t have the regular weights and cardio set up. This state-of-the-art fitness centre has spacious studios or rooms, with each room dedicated to one form of workout or activity.

    The space is divided into four rooms. The Balance Room is where yoga, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics and many other activities takes place. The Cycling Room is dedicated to spinning/cycling. The Flow Room houses all the weights and utilities for personal training. And the fourth is the Live-In Room, where you can chill out and relax after a strenuous class as well as replenish your system with some healthy bites at their cafe. Each class is carefully crafted by a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals. They also have a specially crafted programme called the iChange. A 30-day training plan, this one aims at bringing steady and significant changes to your fitness routine.

    Joining The Room is super easy as well. You don’t have to sign up! Their website is well integrated and allows anyone to follow the calendar to know which classes are being conducted when and by whom. You can go in for monthly, half-yearly or annual packages. If you’re unsure of your schedule, you can pop-in anytime for a class by paying a one-time fee.

    Contact: 7875300000/ 7768055555

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    These 5 Rustic Near Pune is a Place to Visit for the Peaceful Weekends

    Oh Factor- Do you feel like the city life is getting to you? If you feel a constant need to get away from the urban life and reconnect with nature, stay at one of these five rustic and off-beat farm stays near Pune.

    1. The Hidden Oasis

    What started as a family’s retirement plan to run an orphanage is now The Hidden Oasis. An eco-farm and an agro-tourism centre, THO provides self-sufficiency to the orphanage and aims to create environmental awareness. Just an hour’s drive from Pune, THO is a model concept for environmental conservation.

    2. Ajanvel Agrotourism

    Tired of city life, Rahul Jagtap returned to his native village, Shilim to help his father with farming and poultry rearing. After catering to friends and family who visited his farm for the weekend, Rahul finally converted his farm into an agro-tourism centre. Here, you have the option of either staying in rooms overlooking a lotus pond or in tents. You can also enjoy agricultural activities like rice plantation, field ploughing, and harvesting.

    3. The Ecogrid

    The EcoGrid is truly off the grid! This farm stay on the Mulshi Lake is run by Raghuvir Almelkar (Andy to everyone) and his wife Nandini. The idea behind EcoGrid is to be able to reconnect with nature. The various structures in the farm have been built using different types of recyclable material and eco-friendly material like mud mortar, reed, thatch, bamboo, dung, and ash.

    4. Parasher Agritourism

    This farm stay in Rajuri village in Junnar district is run by Manoj and Namrata Hadawale. Named after Sage Parashar, who wrote the world’s first book on agriculture – Krushi-Parashar, this in any agriculture enthusiast’s dream come true. Cow dung floors that keep the place extremely cool, rooms made with dried sugarcane leaves panels, bamboo furnishings, this place takes the ‘eco’ concept a level up! Manoj keenly takes his guests for farm visits and educates them, while Namrata makes the stays enjoyable with her clay modelling and Warli painting sessions.

    5. The Rural Door

    Krushak Ashram was set up by Shrirang Supnekar to implement ancient agricultural practices with the help of modern technology. Supnerkar’s son, Ameya came up with the concept of The Rural Door where an activity-based farming experience is offered to bring you closer to rural India. The activities at the farm include pottery, ploughing, bullock cart rides, and more.

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    This Mud Therapy is the Best thing you can do for your Body Skin

    Oh Factor- Revitalize your skin and senses with a one-of-a-kind beauty regime at Hyatt Pune as you pamper yourself with their monsoon-special Mud Therapy.

    When I was invited to try the Mud Therapy at The Spa in Hyatt Pune, I was curious and enthusiastic. The Spa housed in Hyatt Pune, which overlooks the poolside, is picturesque and serene. Each massage room has an en suite shower and steam.

    Why mud, you ask? It’s fairly simple; the idea of this massage is to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the mud, which reduces body stress and leaves you feeling free and relaxed. The mud used is black mud, a dark cotton soil with some greasiness to it. Sourced from seven to eight feet under the surface of the earth, the mud is rich in minerals and retains water for a long time. Relaxed muscles, improved blood circulation, metabolic maintenance, positive effects on digestion, relief from inflammation, swelling and pain are just some of the many benefits of mud therapy.

    The therapy began with a relaxing massage using Hydrating Oil from Ananda in the Himalayas. The massage was relaxing and did away with all the knots and stress I had accumulated in the past weeks. The therapist was experienced and gently kneaded her way through my body.

    The mud gets mixed with hot water and gently painted evenly all over the body and the feeling of the mud on our skin was absolutely divine. As I waited for the mud to dry, the therapist gave me a gentle face and head massage. Post the massage, into the steam room for 15 minutes, which allowed the pores to further open up and accept the goodness that the mud had to offer. After the shower; I could feel the difference in my skin. It was smoother and silkier. A nice herbal tea coupled with the treatment is sheer bliss!

    Contact: 7798889653 / 020 41411234

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    These Five New Restaurant Brings the Charm on Pune Streets

    Oh Factor- With new places opening every other day, it gets a tad difficult to decide which one to dine at. To solve your conundrum, here are our picks of the best five opened that opened recently.

    1. The Flour Works

    The Flour Works is now in Kondhwa! No more going to all the way to Kalyani Nagar for good European fare and a good cup of coffee. The decor is beautiful too! Of the menu, we really loved the Asparagus Soup with Lemon, Pine Nuts and Chives. We also enjoyed the classic Aglio-E-Olio.

    2. The Asian Box Restro Bar

    The Asian Box also has a new address in Baner. Done up in shades of black, red and white, there is a nice outside seating as well. The menu whips up popular starters and mains from Singapore, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. The new edition includes a special sushi bar. Fail-safe options here include a choice of dim sums and the Burmese Khao Suey, which is one of the best you’ll get in Pune. The Iced Shaken Milo is a delicious drink to sip with your Asian fare.

    3. The Charcoal Biryani

    The takeaway-only brand from Mumbai is now operational as a diner in Pune. Though Charcoal Biryani specialises in biryani, their sister brand Chilli Flakes (operational out of the same premise) also serves pasta and pizza. We really liked the Awadhi Murgh Biryani and from Chilli Flakes, try the pizza with a puff base. Though they do the regular thin-crust, the puff base is excellent and no one does it in the city right now. You can also opt for Party Pack Biryanis that start at Rs 1,600

    4. Peshwa

    Aundh now has a restaurant that serves Maharashtrian cuisine in a sophisticated set-up. The cuisine is inspired by the regions of Malvan, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri. We recommend the Kaala Mutton and Chicken from appetisers. Vegetarians will love the classic Kothimbir Wadi,Pudachi Wadi and the Mini Corn Karanji.

    5. Sai Kokpa Chinese

    Love this Chindian eatery on FC Road? They now have a better-looking restaurant in Baner. The menu is the same and you’ll get your dose of desi Chinese. We love most of the dishes on the menu but everything is a bit oily. We still recommend you to try the Hot Garlic Manchurian, Chicken Hong Kong from appetisers and Chicken Shanghai Fried Rice and Shanghai Noodles for the mains.

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    These Are The Tree Houses Where You Can Have Fun Time With Your Dearly Kid

    Oh Factor- Trek is a good thing, but of course we all need a change to see new things and to feel as well. Drive to spend the weekend around the city which offers stunning beautiful tree house stay, and you will be very close to nature.

    Here we have found some phenomenal tree which has been built with a fictional architect mind-

    1. Amrute’s Nisarg Sahvas

    A homestay tucked away on a hill and surrounded by acres of fruit and spice trees, lush green hills and birds and butterflies for company. You get all of this at Nisarg Sahvas, which is owned and run by the Amrute family. Started as a nursery and a family home, Ashish Amrute has now converted this place into one of the most popular homestays in the area.

    Contact: 9921610522 / 9004160590

    2. O Nest Homstay

    Run by Mithil Pitre and his father, O’Nest is located in Devrukh, which is a relatively unknown village in Konkan and away from the main tourist attractions in Ratnagiri. The concept emerged from a mission to promote the rural life in Konkan and getting travellers back to their roots.

    Contact: 8378987789 / 9970841837

    3. Atithi Parinay

    Atithi Parinay, located in Kotawade village in Ratnagiri is a ‘home-stay’ in its truest forms. The mother-daughter duo, Vasudha and Medha Sahasrabudhe have opened their ancestral home to travellers looking for a real Konkan experience. The accommodation options include traditional cottages, luxury tents, large lavish rooms in the house, but we would recommend the tree house.

    Contact: 02352-240121 / 9049981309

    4. Osheno Pearl

    Osheno Pearl is about 320 km away from Pune. The place is located by the Ganeshgule Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Kokan stretch. The village has lack of hotels, but this homestay spreads way far better vibes than any hotel. The treehouse at Oceano Pearl probably one of the best views as it overlooks the beach. An added attraction is that it can accommodate a complete family and is fully air-conditioned.

    Contact: 02352-237800/ 9689559789

    5. Shivam Abode

    The place Shivam Abode is also known as Satyam Shivam Sundaram which is located at a scenic village called Munawali near Alibaug and Kihim beaches. The place is owned and managed by Shekhar Bhagwat. Initially, he started as a personal farmhouse and now it turned into one of the finest homestays in the area. The most interesting part of the tree house is that a stream flows right underneath. The sounds of the gushing water and the birds chirping make this one dreamy place to stay!

    Contact: 9921610522 / 9004160590

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    Checkout the Luxe Sneakers In Your Budget

    Oh Factor- First impression is the last impression. People look after your footwear than clothing. It’s been said that the footwear indicates the standard of living of the person.

    Here we have found a merchandise named SVED in Pune which courtesy of Ved Dhadphale who is perfectly trained to make handmade shoes in London before starting his own business. The shoes are made with handpicked material sourced from all over the country.

    According to the makers, they promised to keep wearer’s feet warm in the winter and cool in summer at the same time.

    These shoes come in three classic colours for now- black, brown and biscuit one. Once ordered, they take around a month to deliver safely on your door. Each pair is made on order which is carefully packed in a breathable bag that goes into a handcrafted box.

    They have been also working over the girls footwear which going to be launch soon.

    Contact: 9923727313

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    Drive To Taste Best Smoked Meat Dishes In Baner

    Oh Factor- Most of the restaurants has a delicious food but people usually get ready for the smoked meats, and the people are knowingly named as smokeries. This place in baner consists of best smoked meat dishes.

    Located at Baner-Pashan Link Road, named The Ugly Duckling is the only restaurant in the city to have an in-house smoker, and dishes are smokin’ good. Known for serving spectacular meat dishes, their in-house smoker smokes and grills marinated meats, simultaneously. The process results in succulent well-flavoured meat. When it comes to smoking meats – the marinades, the wood used and mainly the time frame for smoking meat, all play a vital role.

    The pork was cooked to a perfect texture and the gravy drizzled over it was delish! The duck was tender and cooked to luscious fall-off-the-bone consistency. The spicy orange sauce complemented the duck beautifully. We found no fault with the smoked chicken either. All the dishes were gorgeously smoked and the smokiness hit our olfactory senses at the very first bite.

    We could not resist the temptation and also ordered the Spicy Pulled Pork Burger. Once smoked and cooked, the pork is sautéed in a vibrantly delicious sauce. We also loved that they hadn’t been stingy with the pork. Porcine lovers will not be able to resist this one.

    Contact: +91 7768936386 / +91 8390277092

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    This MUA Is Guide Bank for the Basics Of Makeup

    Oh Factor- Highly attracted to the make up suitcase? This is the place where you can lost in the world of makeup accessories which will turn you look adorable and make your mirror smile.

    A professional makeup artist named Neha Mirpuri conducts regular workshops where she teaches the basics of applying routine makeup. She also conducts classes for advanced makeup techniques and some hair styling tricks. She conducts two workshops; one for the basic level and one for an advance level.

    The basic one is a two day workshop, where the person will yet to learn how to do the day-to-day makeup for work and how to do a sizzling makeup. From applying an eye liner to the blending of foundation, this 2-hour session includes some quick tricks to get your makeup game strong. It is mostly conducted on weekends but the day and timings are pretty much flexible.

    The advanced level is a bit more intensive. A five-session workshop, it includes a small talk on understanding your skin type, skin problems and how to identify products which would suit you the best. From contouring, highlighting to creating the legendary smokey eyes effect; she will give you a session on all the current hot favourite makeup trends. All the session can be worked out according to your availability.

    Neha has been conducting these workshops for the last four years from the comfort of her house, where she has set up a salon like space with all the essentials. The makeup classes are also open for men.

    Contact: 9850241762

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    This House In Kothrud Is What You Can Have Good Times of Your Life

    Oh Factor- Its trouble to drive in monsoon for outing on treks on weekends and what you wish to do is sleep lifeless with your loved ones whole long day.

    Beautifully constructed guest house housed in Koregaon Park named The Guest House is the answer to your getaway when you don’t want to get out of the city.

    The guest house which looks like a three star hotel has two king size rooms. It consists of 200 sq ft Deluxe Room which is fully equipped with a king size bed, private balcony, free WiFi and complimentary breakfast. If Room has everything the deluxe room has to offer plus a living room, transforming it into a comfortable 1BHK house.

    The cafe named Joy is adjoined to the guest house. You can dish up delicious, albeit only vegetarian snacks all day long. All the famous Pune eateries are just a stone’s throw away. Each room comes with toiletries, a tea kettle, free WiFi and television with HD channels.

    Contact- 9322800100

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    These Film Clubs In The City Are Winning The Hearts of Punekars

    Oh Factor– The city is going more creative when theatres were just four wall rooms with hundreds of crowd sitting in front of a big screen with a popcorn bucket in the hands. But now, see of the such movie theatres and enter into the world of real creativity.

    Here we have found some mind boggling theatres which are creative at fullest just like cafe as well lounge. Here is the entertainment.

    1. Lost the Plot

    This film club named Lost the Plot has a wide variety of genres- cults, noir, foreign language hits, classics, short films and documentaries. You can enjoy watching some amazing films while sipping a beer under the stars at Lost the Plot. This place is located at Aundh.

    Contact: 9970832518

    2. Arbhaat Film Club

    This place basically entertains with the short films or medium length films. Started with the intention of focussing on short films that were content driven, they now screen international as well as regional cinema – both well known and obscure. Once in every three months, they also throw the spotlight on a documentary that focuses on topics pertaining to India or by homegrown filmmakers.

    Contact: 8007893571

    3. Ashay Film Club

    This film club is located at Law College Road. Originated by Satish Jakatdar and his dearly friends during their college days as an avenue to watch meaningful international and regional cinema. They also conduct an annual Film Appreciation Course for four weeks every September. Members can watch two films every month.

    Contact: 9822975882

    4. Viman Talkies

    An initiative of Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communications, Viman Talkies has taken up the cause of showing indie films. A student driven club, their screenings happen every fortnight and are open to all. They showcase hour-long feature films as of now and plan to start showing anthology of short films soon. Known for focussing on controversial cinema from across the country, go here for your dose of indie.

    Contact: 9960605041

    5. Pune Queer Film Society

    Incepted in 2016 by Jacob Hustedt, this film society aims to bring the LGBT community together to enjoy movies followed by a healthy discussion about the problems faced by the community. The club is currently managed by Frank, Subhojit and Ram. They conduct a poll every month on their Facebook group and screen movies which get the most number of votes. The screenings happen once a month, mostly on weekends at Frank’s home in Kalyani Nagar. The club has over 60 members and it’s not restricted only to the queer community.

    Contact: 9051612904