Wedding gifts? Plan some unforgettable ones!

Presents are a result of the gratitude living in the soulful relationship of years.


A Wedding Ceremony is a memorable time. A peculiar space when each and every second adds to the beauty of bride and groom’s life. Invitations to one of these weddings gather up a kind of excitement to grace the occasion. And, an addition to the vim is the selection of the gift to be given to the Wedding Couple. The Gifts are taken into account keeping in mind the budget, the relationship with the concerned bride, groom or couple and many other factors that influence the type of the gift.


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What? Got muddled up as to what is apposite for a good gift/present? Here’s a guide for bestowing the right choice to the right person (of any relativity).

  • Wedding of a Neighbour: Living in a colony, neighbours are the helping hands for one or the other person. And, when it’s time to attend a wedding of a close neighbour, the main thought that ponders in our mind is the determination of a gift. For a close neighbour, one can think of Home Appliances, Furniture, Holiday/ Honeymoon package, Spa Session, Grooming Kit (for groom), Gadgets (for groom) and decoration of the Honeymoon Suite are some of the generic and apt ideas. For a distant neighbour, one can plan to gift items like Gift Vouchers of certain good lifestyle stores, Home Décor items, flowers & cards and much more.

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  • Wedding of a Friend: Friends play a lovely role in one’s life. They add rainbow colours to make a life colourful. Every friend impatiently waits for a friend’s wedding (be it a girl or a boy). Although, the gift of friendship is the biggest gift one can get. But, make your friends’ biggest day by gifting something priceless like organisation of a Bachelor’s/ Bachelorette, bridal makeup, Spa Session, Photo Montage, an unforgettable dance performance or hosting an entertaining show, decoration of Honeymoon Suite, a beautiful Holiday/Honeymoon Package, and many more interesting and unparalleled presents (not in cash but in kind).

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  • Wedding of a close relative: A close relative (uncles, cousins and aunts) is called upon just before the marriage ceremonies even take their first step. Their marriage gift should be something very priceless and exclusive. Contribution towards their Home Décor, their different ceremony’s organisation and execution, Home Appliances, adding to their closet to be used after marriage, taking up the decor of the Honeymoon Suite, planning of a Holiday/ Honeymoon Package, Gadgets (for the groom), a dance performance by the kids of the house or the teenagers for the Bride, Groom or the couples per say.

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  • Wedding of a distant relative: There are some relatives who keep you in their bucket list for invitations but are not that close in relation. Gifts, here also, play a very crucial role to determine the kind of beauty that still exists in a relationship even if not too close. Therefore, you can plan to gift certain things like Gift Vouchers of high-end Lifestyle stores, small decorative items for home, Watches for couples, fragrant and elegant perfumes, toiletries, flowers & cards, some wardrobe additions, aromatherapy basket and gadgets are the best picks for a wedding present.


November, December and January are all soaked in the spirit of the wedding season! Have you also been called for one? Plan and buy your gifts as this guide takes you through the right gifting strategy!

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