The Magnificent Amber Fort

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Standing amidst the lush Arravali range, this architectural extravaganza is the pride of pink city. Apart from boosting the tourism sector of Jaipur, it narrates tales of ancient royalty and true regality.


This majestic fort exhibits an extensive palace complex, built from pale yellow and pink sandstone, and white marble. It is primarily divided into four main sections, each of which has its own courtyard. It is possible to visit the fortress on elephant-back, if you decide to visit it early in the morning. As an alternative, you can trudge up to the fort from the road in about 10 minutes.


When you arrive on Elephant’s back, you will enter Amber Fort through the Suraj Pol(Sun Gate), which leads to the Jaleb Chowk (Main Courtyard). If you arrive by car you will enter through the Chand Pol(Moon Gate) on the opposite side of Jaleb Chowk. The ticket office is located across the courtyard from the Suraj Pol. Hiring a guide or grabbing an audio guide is highly recommended, as there are very few signs and many blind alleys.

From Jaleb Chowk, take the steps just to the right leading to the small Siladevi Temple, with its gorgeous silver doors. This is a really renowned temple and is often flocked by the devotees. The main stairway will take you up to the second courtyard and the Diwan-i-Am, that is beautifully adorned with latticed galleries above.


The maharaja’s apartments are located around the third courtyard – you enter through the fabulous Ganesh Pol, decorated with beautiful frescoed arches. The Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory) is noted for its intricately designed mirrored ceiling. You can spot carved marble panels around the hall depicting cartoon-like insects and sinuous flowers. Opposite the Jai Mandir is the Sukh Niwas (Hall of Pleasure), with an ivory-inlaid sandalwood door.

The Amber Sound & Light Show takes place below the fort in the complex near Maota Lake. It offers an extravagant sight and is must-watch show for all the visitors.


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