Most Chocoholic Dishes in Jaipur

If you are one of the many chocoholics in town then this piece of writing is a must read for you. Amalgamating the richness of chocolate and the explosion of its divine flavor in a gamut of different dishes; here is the list of best chocolate dishes available in Jaipur city-

  • Choco Coconut Shake-


This unique combination of flavors will blow your mind away. The perfectly blended, one-of-a-kind shake is a really tempting and unique chocolate shake to try. Indulge in this sinful combination to satisfy your sugar cravings!

Where? – On the House

Location- C Scheme

Cost- INR 195/-

  • Chocolate Pizza-


Pizza for dessert might sound weird to your ears but it will definitely be a treat for your belly! So kick start your imagination and indulge in an addictive chocolate pizza with melted chocolate, banana, marshmallows and some crunchy toppings. This delicacy is a favorite among the kids and savored by people from all ages as well!

Where? – Nibs cafe

Location- C Scheme

Cost- INR 240/-

  • Chocolate Mud Pie-


This age old chocolaty dessert is a favorite among the foodies. This exceptionally delicious dish is savored by the pie lovers all across the globe. As delectable as it appears, the creamy smooth texture along with oozing melted chocolate is really drool worthy.

Where? – Mamu’s Infusion

Location- C Scheme

Cost- INR 230/-

  • Mousse Au Chocolate-


The creamy texture of chocolate mousse imparts an exotic feel to this dessert. Although it is usually available at many cafes and bakeries, only some places can offer a true luxurious experience of this scrumptious chocolate dish. Here this exotic delicacy is made even more delicious by a hint of rum!

Where? – Home Café by Mr. Beans

Location- C Scheme

Cost- INR 175/-

  • Chocolate Avalanche-


For all the chocolate maniacs, this dessert is nirvana. This four layer dessert consists of Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Sponge topped Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chips.  Jaipurites we are too lucky to have this sinful dessert being served in the city.

Where? – The Chocolate Room

Location- Malviya Nagar

Cost- INR 250/-

Being a major in Mathematics, Shelly has an innate passion for number crunching. Often oscillating between her inclination towards writing and love for food and travel, she chose to amalgamate them all. Apart from nibbling at the newest cafes in town and finding hidden spots for a backpacking trip, she is an ardent reader. She finds solace in her vision to build her own library and have a little house up on the Alps.

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