It’s not just about the success, but the beginning! In Focus – Kirti Rathore

Today’s modern woman balances all the work with family. I feel, everyday is a new learning for me, there’s a lot more to do in this field. This is not the end and it has a long way to go. Says Ms. Kirti

A dream that was living in the eyes of a 10 year old, royal blooded girl residing in Alwar named Kirti Rathore.

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The designing ideology took over the psyche of this little girl making her sit with the tailors of her own family for getting made the designs of her choice for Thakurji (Lord Krishna). Struggling with her dreams, her family, after her graduation, wanted her to get into the Rajasthan Administration. She always wanted to study with NIFT and after a lot of resistance, she took her admission there. After 2 months she got to know that she cleared the entrance of RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Services). Hence, she was called back to her home by her family and she couldn’t cope up with the designing career. Very soon she was married off at a very early age of 19 years and became a typical purdah-clad dulhan of a reputed Rajput Family. Leaving all her dreams and career orientation for designing back in her desires, she felt lonely and helpless towards her own self. “I studied so much and wasn’t doing anything with it. This thought used to bother me a lot.” says Kirti Rathore. After her first baby grew up, she again came back to the same yearning of doing something with her life. And after certain turmoils that she went through every now and then, her career took a turn, she herself chose the road that was not taken. Then dawned upon her was an idea of a small boutique which could only get fruition when her husband allowed her to do so. The challenge that was coming her way was the capital, which she had to herself arrange. “If you really want to do it keenly and take this responsibility on your shoulders, then you can do it.” as was very rightly put into words by her husband.

“Savings of just Rs. 5000 and an old garage with no tailor or sewing machine, I just accepted it as a challenge and moved ahead.” as is said by the valiant Miss Kirti Rathore. Menswear was the design orders that she got from the very beginning, as and when she established her small boutique. Appreciation at the very beginning of something new like “Designs are very creative, different.”, “Concepts are very nice.” was a very big word of mouth for the designer on a very small scale at that point of time. From there on she got to work upon the idea of designing the uniforms of the Hotels. And, she signed a contract, her very first contract of designing the uniforms of the Chomu Palace of Rajasthan. People noticed the beauty of my designs and she got to see articles being published on her book of being because she was the very first woman designer from Jaipur designing for Men!

Now, it was time for some real action. Hence, some people from Rajasthan Fashion Week connected Ms. Kirti and this was her very first Fashion Show. “This was a no-looking-back and turning-back point in my life!” Unaware of how a Fashion Show functions, she was invited among 20-25 top Designers wherein very luckily she was chosen as the designer for the show stopper (Mr. Vivek Oberoi). From there on she got her first break and started working for Bollywood Movies and actors/actresses.


Life has never been a bed of roses, so was her own life as well. But she has been a fighter, go-getter and a rebel who stepped all the stones that came her way to establish her name throughout the world in the present as well coming future years (Boswell, London, New York and Middle East, New Jersey and other countries). “The people who used to talk behind my back related to my Menswear designs, they are the only people who now fight for front rows of my shows.” that is where my success lies!


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