A heart-to-heart with a versatile artist! In Focus – Mrinalika Jain

Success is when you feel that the journey which you have travelled has changed you in a better person.” says Mrinalika

The word Kaushalam means skill set. The creator named it after her father Shri Kaushal Kishor Jain.

Kaushalam is the flow of creativity. It is a Studio of unique hand painted Home Decor & Lifestyle products. The creator of beauty, Ms. Mrinalika Jain’s has taken a step towards keeping the Indian traditions alive.


It is a creative idea of Mrinalika Jain who is an artist herself. Hailing from Jaipur, she has done her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Rajasthan University and Masters in Portrait Painting from Arts and crafts College, Lucknow University. She is a disciple of legendry artist Pandit Dwarka Prasad Sharma from Jaipur. She gives the credit to her Guru to give her a rock solid foundation in painting that turned her into a great observant, skilled and curious artist.


Living in USA for almost a decade and visiting many countries, she cumulated a global perspective. The exposure helped her a lot in shaping up “Kaushalam”. The place is magical because many Artisans and needy people who are working there are earning their livelihood through Kaushalam.

When a product is being sold at the Kaushalam, many lives get benefited.

As nothing can be achieved without facing challenges, Mrinalika also had to face a lot of them and they which pop up every now and then. Managing finances is one of the biggest challenges when one starts a business of their own. Being a handmade product, skilling artisans and maintaining good quality is one of an ongoing challenge that she keeps on facing.

To shape a successful journey one ought to have supporters, be it just a single person at times, but one needs somebody. Therefore, her family and friends were a great support throughout the journey. And they still are because balancing work and family wouldn’t have been easy otherwise.


Having her own Studio and Art Gallery was her dream since college days. She puts her heart and soul in her work which keeps showing her the next path. Today, she has her own manufacturing unit (studio) where a lot of artisans work and a Retail store. She is exporting across the globe and selling in all parts of India. That’s how she is a product of her own passion and advises everyone to follow the same!


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