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    OhJaipur has been changed to Jaipur Mag!

    Dear All,

    This is in regards to rebranding of OhJaipur to Jaipur Mag! The reason of change is the requirement from the people of Jaipur and the connect building between them.

    About Jaipur Mag!

    An impetus to stay updated with the latest fashion and sophisticated lifestyle trends, Jaipur Mag is simply life redefined. The content, however, runs beyond just fashion and entertainment to amuse the urban populace! We’ve picked the conventional aspects of a happy and fulfilling life, dedicated a page to each in an attempt to share ideas and information that might just spice up the otherwise mundane everyday life. There’s also titbits on education and career prospects that concerns the adolescents, which has been included with the primary objective to highlight the necessary balance in being frivolous and staying aspirant at the same time.

    Thank You,


    Team – Jaipur Mag



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    Book Review – Shiva Trilogy (Amish Tripathi)

    Shiva Trilogy, as the name suggests is a collection of three series (Immortals of Meluha, Secrets of Nagas & Oath of the Vayuputras) woven together celebrating Shiva as the Epic Hero and his voyage as a saviour of this world.

    Vikram Singh, Assistant Professor in a College in Hisar very rightly puts “Amish Tripathi has taken a lead in Indian Fictional Writing by deconstructing the old-age myth of Shiva and providing a new perspective in Shiva Trilogy.” Every book has its own story which is open ended and closes the loop in Book 3.

    Immortals of Meluha: It is the story of a rough-hewn Tibetan immigrant, Shiva placed somewhere in 1900 B.C. Believed to always have been a person who was curated since his childhood to be a saviour of the man’s land. A normal person belonging from the clan of the Kshatriyas is re-cast by the believers of the Legend of Mahadev (having a blue throat). The Chandravanshis conspire with the Nagas (deformed humans) and plan terrorist attacks. It ends on a gripping note for the other part.

    Secret of the Nagas: the book opens on a sad note (killing of Shiva’s dear one, Brahaspati). Now, the Nagas are behind Sati. This concern follows revelation of secrets, alliance with the unexpected, search of the actual cause of the problems, discovery of betrayals and fierce battles.  The Book 2 closes its loop leaving some space for the Book 3 to begin and take over the story.

    Oath of the Vayuputras: The prophecy taken forward as “Evil has risen, only God can stop it.” encapsulates all the miseries and difficulties that the team of Lord Shiva has to suffer during the battle for saving the Nation, India. The book brings to us the real identity of Lord Shiva as the destroyer for which he has to lose his love, Sati. Though he succeeds in saving India in alliance with the Vayuputras leaving behind the scars of numerous battles. The Legend is proved virtuous.

    To comment upon his Narrative style, he mixes linear and cyclical which keeps continuity and discontinuity of the preceding Mythical Narrative. He very diligently uses a blend of Mythology and History as his concepts captured by his sub-conscious mind and plays with his world of fiction overpowering his writing style.

    The Trilogy shifts you from spearheading towards the big-big mythological epics. It, undoubtedly, renders a different perception to look at our History and Mythology together. Moreover, to be a little more honest about the Book, after reading Book 1, one tends to expect for the Trilogy to end on a grand level which doesn’t happen. But the writing style and the school of thought of the three books are amazingly given shape which makes one to buy all the three books. The Trilogy should be given a read, at least once.

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    Wedding gifts? Plan some unforgettable ones!



    A Wedding Ceremony is a memorable time. A peculiar space when each and every second adds to the beauty of bride and groom’s life. Invitations to one of these weddings gather up a kind of excitement to grace the occasion. And, an addition to the vim is the selection of the gift to be given to the Wedding Couple. The Gifts are taken into account keeping in mind the budget, the relationship with the concerned bride, groom or couple and many other factors that influence the type of the gift.


    Source: Google

    What? Got muddled up as to what is apposite for a good gift/present? Here’s a guide for bestowing the right choice to the right person (of any relativity).

    • Wedding of a Neighbour: Living in a colony, neighbours are the helping hands for one or the other person. And, when it’s time to attend a wedding of a close neighbour, the main thought that ponders in our mind is the determination of a gift. For a close neighbour, one can think of Home Appliances, Furniture, Holiday/ Honeymoon package, Spa Session, Grooming Kit (for groom), Gadgets (for groom) and decoration of the Honeymoon Suite are some of the generic and apt ideas. For a distant neighbour, one can plan to gift items like Gift Vouchers of certain good lifestyle stores, Home Décor items, flowers & cards and much more.

    Wedding 2.jpg

    Photo Source: Google

    • Wedding of a Friend: Friends play a lovely role in one’s life. They add rainbow colours to make a life colourful. Every friend impatiently waits for a friend’s wedding (be it a girl or a boy). Although, the gift of friendship is the biggest gift one can get. But, make your friends’ biggest day by gifting something priceless like organisation of a Bachelor’s/ Bachelorette, bridal makeup, Spa Session, Photo Montage, an unforgettable dance performance or hosting an entertaining show, decoration of Honeymoon Suite, a beautiful Holiday/Honeymoon Package, and many more interesting and unparalleled presents (not in cash but in kind).

    Wedding 3.jpg

    • Wedding of a close relative: A close relative (uncles, cousins and aunts) is called upon just before the marriage ceremonies even take their first step. Their marriage gift should be something very priceless and exclusive. Contribution towards their Home Décor, their different ceremony’s organisation and execution, Home Appliances, adding to their closet to be used after marriage, taking up the decor of the Honeymoon Suite, planning of a Holiday/ Honeymoon Package, Gadgets (for the groom), a dance performance by the kids of the house or the teenagers for the Bride, Groom or the couples per say.

    Wedding 4.jpgPhoto Source: Google

    • Wedding of a distant relative: There are some relatives who keep you in their bucket list for invitations but are not that close in relation. Gifts, here also, play a very crucial role to determine the kind of beauty that still exists in a relationship even if not too close. Therefore, you can plan to gift certain things like Gift Vouchers of high-end Lifestyle stores, small decorative items for home, Watches for couples, fragrant and elegant perfumes, toiletries, flowers & cards, some wardrobe additions, aromatherapy basket and gadgets are the best picks for a wedding present.


    November, December and January are all soaked in the spirit of the wedding season! Have you also been called for one? Plan and buy your gifts as this guide takes you through the right gifting strategy!

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    A heart-to-heart with a versatile artist! In Focus – Mrinalika Jain


    The word Kaushalam means skill set. The creator named it after her father Shri Kaushal Kishor Jain.

    Kaushalam is the flow of creativity. It is a Studio of unique hand painted Home Decor & Lifestyle products. The creator of beauty, Ms. Mrinalika Jain’s has taken a step towards keeping the Indian traditions alive.


    It is a creative idea of Mrinalika Jain who is an artist herself. Hailing from Jaipur, she has done her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Rajasthan University and Masters in Portrait Painting from Arts and crafts College, Lucknow University. She is a disciple of legendry artist Pandit Dwarka Prasad Sharma from Jaipur. She gives the credit to her Guru to give her a rock solid foundation in painting that turned her into a great observant, skilled and curious artist.

    LEH SANGAM.jpg

    Living in USA for almost a decade and visiting many countries, she cumulated a global perspective. The exposure helped her a lot in shaping up “Kaushalam”. The place is magical because many Artisans and needy people who are working there are earning their livelihood through Kaushalam.

    When a product is being sold at the Kaushalam, many lives get benefited.

    As nothing can be achieved without facing challenges, Mrinalika also had to face a lot of them and they which pop up every now and then. Managing finances is one of the biggest challenges when one starts a business of their own. Being a handmade product, skilling artisans and maintaining good quality is one of an ongoing challenge that she keeps on facing.

    To shape a successful journey one ought to have supporters, be it just a single person at times, but one needs somebody. Therefore, her family and friends were a great support throughout the journey. And they still are because balancing work and family wouldn’t have been easy otherwise.


    Having her own Studio and Art Gallery was her dream since college days. She puts her heart and soul in her work which keeps showing her the next path. Today, she has her own manufacturing unit (studio) where a lot of artisans work and a Retail store. She is exporting across the globe and selling in all parts of India. That’s how she is a product of her own passion and advises everyone to follow the same!



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    A Road Side Experience of Fine Dining @RJ 14

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\rj.png

    Oh Factor: A Dhaba with a Fine Dining experience!

    Cost: Rs. 900 for two people (Approx)

    Address: 132,133,151, Ajmera Garden, Main DCM Road, Opposite IndusInd Bank, Ajmer Road, Ajmer Highway, Jaipur

    Phone Number: +91 9887288849

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\rj.png

    Situated on Ajmer Highway RJ 14 brings together a Fine Dining escapade with what you may call a Dhaba experience. The ambience is a class apart with well lit indoor and outdoor dining areas. The seating is large enough if you’re even with a small party and the furnishing is quite snazzy and with the times. RJ 14 gives you an extensive list of options for seating yourself, being spread over such a large area.

    The cuisine here specialises in North Indian, South Indian and Street Food.

    With plating and presentation, this place gives to you your favourite Indian dishes with a contemporary flair. The Kababs here are well recommended. Tasteful and well made with ample spice. Go for the Makai Seekh Kabab or Subz Seekh ke Kabab to get your juices flowing.

    For main course options, go for the Dal Bukhara, Kadhai Paneer or Dal Makhni. But if not in the mood for something heavy, you can just as easily binge on delectable chaats. You can choose from Aloo Tikki, Dahi Bhalle or Raaj Kachori. You even have the option of sitting in comfort and binging on Golgappas or Puchkas.

    And for whatever reason if in the middle of your road trip you find yourself here and realise too late that you don’t feel like binging on chaat or North Indian cuisine for that matter, you can just as easily go for the South Indian side of the menu without hesitation. In a menu section dubbed, “Dakshin Se” (From the South), one can find all the classics like Vada Sambhar, Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa to more complex South India dishes such as Masala Uttapam, Idli and the rest.

    Conclusively, RJ 14 does well in not only successfully catering to all Indian Palates but also appropriately sets the dining mood whether you choose to be indoors or outside!

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    InFocus: Gopal Swami Khetanchi

    Gopal Swami Khetanchi from a young age knew his roots and where he was meant to be heading in life. Born in 1958, he was introduced to his family’s artistic heritage at a mere age and at 15 he began learning to make it his own, from his father.

    “It was hard to not get influenced by art with the kind of environment at home.” He says about his art influence in younger years. “Though I went on to make more painters such as Mr. Manak Joshi my Guru.” The now well known artist hails from the small town of Sardarshahar in the Churu District of Rajasthan.

    By 28 years of age, Gopal Swami was ready to take up the mantle of a Master Painter himself. Gaining experience in Mumbai, painting pedestrians at Juhu Beach, he expanded his talent tree. Until he found himself in Bollywood as an assistant art director to Manzoor ul Haq in several Bollywood films like Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978), Abdullah (1980), Jwalamukhi (1980) and Kaalia (1981).

    Post his Bollywood experience, Mr. Khetanchi decided to return to Rajasthan and channelise his creativity into only painting. He returned to Rajasthan and started with painting forts and culture of the state. His Rajasthani landscapes drew a lot of momentum with his renditions of Jaisalmer Fort, Amber Fort and many others. His exhibition titled Rajputana in 2012 displayed eleven paintings of various forts in Rajasthan depicted in his painting style.

    In 2006 Khetanchi did what possibly was his most influential work, a reinterpretation of one of his favourite artists Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa. It was a part of his series A Tribute to Masters, which included his own interpretations of some of the world’s most influential artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, etc. Devashree and Bani-Thani were the two Mona Lisa renditions, the latter of which is a combination of the Mona Lisa and the renowned Indian miniature painting, Bani-Thani by Nihal Chand.

    Mr. Khetanchi’s Bani-Thani was used in the promotion for Le Festival des Écrivains du monde: Écrivains de l’Inde held in Paris in 2014 and on the cover of the November–December 2014 edition of Nouvelles De L’Inde, the bimonthly publication of the Indian embassy in Paris.

    This year, Gopal Swami Khetanchi received the State level Maharana Sajjan Singh Award that recognizes contribution to the arts, culture and heritage. He says, “The way we translate various languages, in quite a similar way my paintings are an Indian translation of artists from different ages.”

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    Why Mehendi is believed to be a Significant Take at the Wedding


    It’s believed that this festival is all about gearing up in versatile outfits and why not, when we are getting a chance to utilise probably all colors of the palette.

    Mehendi, a traditional artistic expression from India’s ancient history that has stuck into the ritual books even today. From celebrations to marriages, the use of henna paste has had various uses and significance. Usage of mehendi is an old Vedic custom.


    Mehendi ceremony is just not lending colour to the hands but a recipe of an excitement and a nervous anticipation that can take its toll of the bride and groom. Adding on, the aesthetic beauty of mehendi designs, there is a deep belief in its significance during a wedding. Mehendi represents the love of the fusion between the soon-to- be-married couple, rather also believes that the deeper the shades of the bride’s mehendi, the relationship writes the lost lasting destiny. The ceremony, however, entails an elaborate application of mehendi designs on a bride’s hands and feet. As for the groom, a mere token of application of henna is a mark of good omen. The darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple. The mehendi colour also shows the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law. The longer the mehendi retains its colour, the more auspicious it is the newlyweds. The mehendi ceremony is a rumination of a rich Indian culture, binded with the loads of loving sentiments and beliefs. This is the day when the amazing moments are pinned up in the diary of fun and joy that won’t be swiped out ever.


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    It’s not just about the success, but the beginning! In Focus – Kirti Rathore


    Today’s modern woman balances all the work with family. I feel, everyday is a new learning for me, there’s a lot more to do in this field. This is not the end and it has a long way to go. Says Ms. Kirti

    A dream that was living in the eyes of a 10 year old, royal blooded girl residing in Alwar named Kirti Rathore.

    IMG_1774.JPG IMG_6562.JPG

    The designing ideology took over the psyche of this little girl making her sit with the tailors of her own family for getting made the designs of her choice for Thakurji (Lord Krishna). Struggling with her dreams, her family, after her graduation, wanted her to get into the Rajasthan Administration. She always wanted to study with NIFT and after a lot of resistance, she took her admission there. After 2 months she got to know that she cleared the entrance of RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Services). Hence, she was called back to her home by her family and she couldn’t cope up with the designing career. Very soon she was married off at a very early age of 19 years and became a typical purdah-clad dulhan of a reputed Rajput Family. Leaving all her dreams and career orientation for designing back in her desires, she felt lonely and helpless towards her own self. “I studied so much and wasn’t doing anything with it. This thought used to bother me a lot.” says Kirti Rathore. After her first baby grew up, she again came back to the same yearning of doing something with her life. And after certain turmoils that she went through every now and then, her career took a turn, she herself chose the road that was not taken. Then dawned upon her was an idea of a small boutique which could only get fruition when her husband allowed her to do so. The challenge that was coming her way was the capital, which she had to herself arrange. “If you really want to do it keenly and take this responsibility on your shoulders, then you can do it.” as was very rightly put into words by her husband.

    “Savings of just Rs. 5000 and an old garage with no tailor or sewing machine, I just accepted it as a challenge and moved ahead.” as is said by the valiant Miss Kirti Rathore. Menswear was the design orders that she got from the very beginning, as and when she established her small boutique. Appreciation at the very beginning of something new like “Designs are very creative, different.”, “Concepts are very nice.” was a very big word of mouth for the designer on a very small scale at that point of time. From there on she got to work upon the idea of designing the uniforms of the Hotels. And, she signed a contract, her very first contract of designing the uniforms of the Chomu Palace of Rajasthan. People noticed the beauty of my designs and she got to see articles being published on her book of being because she was the very first woman designer from Jaipur designing for Men!

    Now, it was time for some real action. Hence, some people from Rajasthan Fashion Week connected Ms. Kirti and this was her very first Fashion Show. “This was a no-looking-back and turning-back point in my life!” Unaware of how a Fashion Show functions, she was invited among 20-25 top Designers wherein very luckily she was chosen as the designer for the show stopper (Mr. Vivek Oberoi). From there on she got her first break and started working for Bollywood Movies and actors/actresses.


    Life has never been a bed of roses, so was her own life as well. But she has been a fighter, go-getter and a rebel who stepped all the stones that came her way to establish her name throughout the world in the present as well coming future years (Boswell, London, New York and Middle East, New Jersey and other countries). “The people who used to talk behind my back related to my Menswear designs, they are the only people who now fight for front rows of my shows.” that is where my success lies!


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    Most Chocoholic Dishes in Jaipur

    If you are one of the many chocoholics in town then this piece of writing is a must read for you. Amalgamating the richness of chocolate and the explosion of its divine flavor in a gamut of different dishes; here is the list of best chocolate dishes available in Jaipur city-

    • Choco Coconut Shake-


    This unique combination of flavors will blow your mind away. The perfectly blended, one-of-a-kind shake is a really tempting and unique chocolate shake to try. Indulge in this sinful combination to satisfy your sugar cravings!

    Where? – On the House

    Location- C Scheme

    Cost- INR 195/-

    • Chocolate Pizza-


    Pizza for dessert might sound weird to your ears but it will definitely be a treat for your belly! So kick start your imagination and indulge in an addictive chocolate pizza with melted chocolate, banana, marshmallows and some crunchy toppings. This delicacy is a favorite among the kids and savored by people from all ages as well!

    Where? – Nibs cafe

    Location- C Scheme

    Cost- INR 240/-

    • Chocolate Mud Pie-


    This age old chocolaty dessert is a favorite among the foodies. This exceptionally delicious dish is savored by the pie lovers all across the globe. As delectable as it appears, the creamy smooth texture along with oozing melted chocolate is really drool worthy.

    Where? – Mamu’s Infusion

    Location- C Scheme

    Cost- INR 230/-

    • Mousse Au Chocolate-


    The creamy texture of chocolate mousse imparts an exotic feel to this dessert. Although it is usually available at many cafes and bakeries, only some places can offer a true luxurious experience of this scrumptious chocolate dish. Here this exotic delicacy is made even more delicious by a hint of rum!

    Where? – Home Café by Mr. Beans

    Location- C Scheme

    Cost- INR 175/-

    • Chocolate Avalanche-


    For all the chocolate maniacs, this dessert is nirvana. This four layer dessert consists of Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Sponge topped Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Chips.  Jaipurites we are too lucky to have this sinful dessert being served in the city.

    Where? – The Chocolate Room

    Location- Malviya Nagar

    Cost- INR 250/-

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    Perfect Places to plan your Date on a shoe-string budget

    Are you planning to take your partner on a perfect romantic date? But are scared about the effect it might have on your pocket? No worries, here is the perfect guide for you to choose from the coolest and trendiest of places in the city. These places will only pose as the perfect place for a date but also will never burn a hole in your pocket.

    • Antara- Sky Deck- This amazing place offers a beautiful roof top sitting area. Make your partner feel extra special by opting for their exclusive curated candle light dinner menu for the couples. You can enjoy special four-course meal along with a glass of wine to relax with your partner. The live ghazal singers along with rose petals and balloons adorning the place will surely add to the memorable experience.

    Cost for two- INR 800/- (approx.)

    Location- Tonk Road


    • RJ14- This recently opened restaurant has taken the city by a storm. Making a lot of buzz with its opening, this place has amazingly done interiors and provides the perfect backdrop of a romantic date. Located on Ajmer highway, this place offers delicious vegetarian food and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Illuminated with glittery lights and fitted with mist fans, this place is cozy and inviting.

    Cost for two- INR 500/- (approx.)

    Location- Ajmer Highway


    • Hitbhuk Mitbhuk- With its distinctive name, this place has a cutesy ambience with its funky furniture and décor. You can also choose the rooftop seating if you want to enjoy some alcohol along with the delicious food. They have a great selection of Wine & Beer and your date will definitely be impressed with the mouthwatering food flying around here.

    Cost for two- INR 600/- (approx.)

    Location- Bapu Nagar


    • Chillout Rooftop- Opt for this place to have a secret date, away from all the hustle-bustle. There are hardly any people in the city who are aware of the existence of this hippy heaven. Chillout stands true to its name as the environment is literally chilled out here. With lower sitting, fairy lights, cabana, great music & very few people; Chillout offers lots of privacy to the couples with an incredible menu.

    Cost for two- INR 600/- (approx.)

    Location- Ajmer Road


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    Trending Hot Popular

    The Magnificent Amber Fort

    The Oh Factor-

    Standing amidst the lush Arravali range, this architectural extravaganza is the pride of pink city. Apart from boosting the tourism sector of Jaipur, it narrates tales of ancient royalty and true regality.


    This majestic fort exhibits an extensive palace complex, built from pale yellow and pink sandstone, and white marble. It is primarily divided into four main sections, each of which has its own courtyard. It is possible to visit the fortress on elephant-back, if you decide to visit it early in the morning. As an alternative, you can trudge up to the fort from the road in about 10 minutes.


    When you arrive on Elephant’s back, you will enter Amber Fort through the Suraj Pol(Sun Gate), which leads to the Jaleb Chowk (Main Courtyard). If you arrive by car you will enter through the Chand Pol(Moon Gate) on the opposite side of Jaleb Chowk. The ticket office is located across the courtyard from the Suraj Pol. Hiring a guide or grabbing an audio guide is highly recommended, as there are very few signs and many blind alleys.

    From Jaleb Chowk, take the steps just to the right leading to the small Siladevi Temple, with its gorgeous silver doors. This is a really renowned temple and is often flocked by the devotees. The main stairway will take you up to the second courtyard and the Diwan-i-Am, that is beautifully adorned with latticed galleries above.


    The maharaja’s apartments are located around the third courtyard – you enter through the fabulous Ganesh Pol, decorated with beautiful frescoed arches. The Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory) is noted for its intricately designed mirrored ceiling. You can spot carved marble panels around the hall depicting cartoon-like insects and sinuous flowers. Opposite the Jai Mandir is the Sukh Niwas (Hall of Pleasure), with an ivory-inlaid sandalwood door.

    The Amber Sound & Light Show takes place below the fort in the complex near Maota Lake. It offers an extravagant sight and is must-watch show for all the visitors.


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    Thali and more- A Heaven for Foodies

    The Oh Factor-

    Being a vegetarian often limits the number of fine eateries in Jaipur. To do away with all such complaints, Thali and more, serves some delicious pure vegetarian food with an amazing variety.


    With a mind boggling variety, this cutesy restaurant is located in the vicinity of C Scheme. The place appears to be quiet ordinary from outside. After climbing a flight of stairs, you will reach the dining area. It is divided in two segments- one appears to be a family dining area with comfy couches and very minimalistic interiors, while the other section has a café feel to it and has a really cute interior. The ceiling is lined up with small lamps and the walls are adorned with ornamental plants. The furniture is quite cool and comfortable as well. You can also have a look at their live kitchen counter, which gives a distinctive look to this place.


    Coming to the food, they offer almost every popular cuisine- south Indian, north Indian, Chinese, Italian and an amazing variety of lip smacking street food. They also offer an array of beverages including shakes in flavors like Nutella, Oreo, Brownie and Kit Kat; and coolers like Mojitos and Iced Teas. Their star dishes include Tandoori Momos, Baked Cheese Overload Pasta, Cheesy shots, Cranberry Mojito, Nutella Shake and the fulfilling thalis available in different cuisines. The interior as well as the food, along with the efficient service makes this place a sure shot hit among the masses. Their menu seems to offer a prolific variety and a tough time choosing the dishes to order.

    *Image source- Self captured

    Location- Sarojini Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur

    Cost for two- INR 400/- (approx.)