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A Bowlful of Home @ Monkey Bar

Oh Factor: Feel right at home with Monkey Bar’s new comfort food menu!

Address: Plot 11, Upper Ground Floor, LSC, Pocket C-6 & 7, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost: Rs. 1,300 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Phone: 011 41095155

As you walk out to the grounds next to the complex that houses Barbeque Nation in Vasant Kunj, you see a large well kempt lawn in the middle of which sits a big glass pyramid, reminiscent of Le Louvre in France.

This structure is Monkey Bar; one of NCR’s well known Gastro Pubs and home to the new “One Bowl” menu introduced by the curators. With an exemplary ambiance, Monkey Bar caters to your winter alcoholic and comfort food needs. The new and limited winter style menu at Monkey Bar is an amalgamation of comfort, winter warming dishes from various cuisines plated in bowls to give you a true at home feel.

The 12 ‘one bowl’s introduced in the menu try to take you back to your childhood and remind you of that one dish that your mother used to make in the middle of winters as you tucked in at home. In a similar fashion, the rice and grain based dishes from various cuisines have rich gravies and curries to emulate just that and, if I may say so, quite successfully.

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The Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl reminds you of a deconstructed sushi almost, as it uses similar ingredients. The sticky rice and Teriyaki glaze that’s made with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, is quite evident of this. The dish is served with broad beans on the side and some extra Teriyaki glaze.

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The Goan Xacuti Bowl is served with millets instead of rice. The gravy is rich and brimming with coconut milk flavour. The chicken is well cooked and the tempering is spot on. The dish leaves warmth in your heart and belly, having you feel quite satiated.

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Finally, the Wild Mushroom Khichdi takes the cake with purely desi, warmth inducing masalas and slow cooked mushrooms. The dish is a creamy Moong Dal khichdi served with ghee, papad, achaar and curd on the side.

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Notable beverages include the Copper Monkey; a whiskey based cocktail with lime, mint and bitters, perfect for the cold evenings.

Conclusively, Monkey Bar does a good job with the new menu. Besides, these three, there are nine other comfort bowls one could try, but better hurry as the menu is available only till 15th of January!

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