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    Presenting, finesse on your platter!

    Indian Chilli Poppers.png

    Oh factor: A top-notch epitome of art presented in an exquisite culinary ritual/practice to satiate your senses!


    What comes to your mind when you see a fairy tale? “And they lived happily ever.” Right?  The very first glance at Riviera makes you believe that it’s a fairy tale where all your food satiation is just as you have fancied throughout. Though, it carries a minimalistic look but the grand lightings, glass plating, undertones of luxury dining, a lavish spread of buffet and the view of quietude through the windows are quite good aspects of a fine dine restaurant.

    Ameya Suites harbours Riviera which makes it befitting for the guests (tourists staying in the suites) as well.

    Now, this fairytale-ish journey came to its first stop. It was a beautiful Rainbow Blossom served to us in a goblet glass. Very similar to what it is called, it changes colour when stirred with a stirrer from light pink to mauve to violet. I would say, an amazing invention by the bartender and don’t miss out on this blessing here! Next on the platter were starters.

    The first one being Indian Chilli Poppers served in a really impressive presentation with stuffings that had a heavenly taste. Being a popular starter, one could make out an appreciable difference in comparison to the different adaptations of the dish.

    Indian Chilli Poppers.png

    Another one was Rajma Chawal Fritters furnished beautifully accompanied with a creamy herb sauce. These were little balls stuffed with cooked mixture of Rajma and Chawal. This creamy herb dip, another exemplary creation by the chef, took the dish to an appetising level giving it a unique identity.

    Rajma Chawal Fritter.png

    Then came Pao Bhaji stuffed Bun. Contrary to what a typical Pao Bhaji looks, this one was mouthwatering as and when it was served to us. The dripping slice of cheese kept on it made it all the more delicious. It was very difficult to keep my hands off this one! And to talk about the filling, Bhaji was brimming with flavour.

    Pao Bhaji stuffed Bun.png

    Main-course menu unfolded with Dal Makhni and Chur-chur Naan, bang on with the taste. Melted with the apt amount of butter on the top, Dal Makhani was a relishing affair.

    Following the above dishes, the fragrance of Kadhai Paneer and Veg Biryani twitched our senses making us drool. The paneer used was utterly soft and supple in the mouth with an apt blend of spices and gravy that was cooked till perfection.

    And, not to forget, Gulkand Phirni topped with bits of rose petals and chopped almonds which was a not-to-miss-out-on sweet dish.

    Gulkand Phirni.png

    To bring the above to a small conclusion, an amiable atmosphere, a courteous and hospitable staff, a passionate chef and food presented in the form of an art makes me highly recommend this place for a family dinner, watching IPL matches on a big and live screen and would serve for many other get-together occasions.

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    Rendezvous Overtones @ Hyperlocal


    Oh factor: A good amount of quirkiness, a few magnificently blended drinks, delightful music by bands, presentable hands tried on gastronomy and company of some good buds or your family would wrap up for the ingredients of a HYPERLOCAL weekend!

    A cafè thriving adroitly with 3 floors planned separately for different purposes like corporate tables, kitty parties, friends’ get-together, alfresco seating for a romantic date, clubbing, family dinner, rooftop for music events featuring bands and much more to the platter.


    As energetic as the word Hyper and as friendly as Local, an amalgamation of which has brought all the Local Delhiites an energetic local space to boost their weekends! Stepping inside the first time would bring in their luxurious yet convenient and congenial ambience. Also, their cosy nooks to cater to all kinds of customers visiting here.


    Seeing us spoilt for choice, the bartender took good understanding for our preferable flavours! He prepared two mocktails completely complementing our taste buds. One of them had a tinge of watermelon in it and the other one had a desi (like saffron, etc.) and a contemporary fruity flavour. Hence, giving a healthy commingle of a sweetner and sourish mocktail in every sip. One cannot escape the fusions they use for their drinks and is definitely recommended.


    Fresh Jalapeno Poppers prepared with mild Jalapenos peppers, were breaded and deep fried to perfection. Jalapeno Poppers serve as a Tex-Mex version of Chile Relleno, a dish in Mexican Cuisine. Having Poppers in the preferred list of appetizers for a get-together is an amazing thought to fill up your tables in Hyperlocal!

    Lotus Stem Honey Chilli, mainly cooked in the Northern parts of India is now seen in the pages of the Menu where Asian and Chinese Cuisines are served.  The main protagonist of the dish is Lotus Stem/ Kamal Kakri/ Bhein was symmetrically sliced in diagonal pieces, dipped in battered corn flour and was deep fried. It came out to be a succulent dish poured with honey and beautifully garnished with coriander leaves and chopped onions. To me, it tasted like crunchy pieces crackling in the mouth and delivered some kind of uniqueness in the dish and well execution of the ingredients used to make it.

    Thai Veg Money Bags, a Thai speciality with a quirky appearance of a Money Bag stuffed with healthy veggies instead of money. And putting forth the imagery, I would say, it is a value for money! It was filled with chopped veggies wrapped in a maida roti and tied with a soft green coriander stem and then was fried in oil. Its outcome is a very cute, little, crisp and edible money bag sufficing itself fit to be considered as a valuable appetizer at Hyperlocal! The taste draws reminiscence to Thai Veg Dimsums deemed as a very significant part in Thai Cuisine. For those who have developed their taste for dimsums would be able to relate well with this dish as well.

    Hot Cheese Quesadilla, a Mexican dish that was served to us in incredible plating. The tortillas were filled with cooked and soggy spinach kept in a pool of hot Salsa sauce. The bite of which melted like butter in the mouth. It is rightly included in the category of bar bites and is a must-have for visitors!

    To bring this review to a cessation, Hyperlocal is a sensational go-to place for every kind for all the age groups. Be it any kind of an occasion, the ambience will be an exquisite place to dine in, listen to great music bands, sit and sip some refreshing mocktails/ cocktails at the bar and indulge in some brimming chat sessions with your chums 🙂

    Address: C 5, SDA Market, SDA, New Delhi

    Phone Numbers: +91 8178019991, +91 9899955524


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    A dash of Karma & a sprinkle of Kismet

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\evolution_of_paan.jpg

    Oh Factor: Combining the finesse of culinary arts with traditional Awadhi and Peshawari, Karma Kismet takes you on a wholesome, flavour-packed & flamboyant food journey.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\breads.jpg

    Those in tune with the culture at M – Block Market, GK2 will know that amongst the plethora of eateries that exist, finding the few gems among them is no layman’s task. So, it’s safe to say that this review may act as a guide to at least one of them!

    If one were to describe the place in one line, it would be “a breath of fresh air”. Walking in, the first element that is noticeable is the gold and black theme of the ambiance. First impressions are very suave, classy and modern.

    Coming right to the main attraction, the cuisine served. When you lay your eyes on the first page of the menu, a small paragraph explains to you the concept behind the restaurant, stating “Karma & Kismet are two parallels which are theoretically distinct from each other but blend in together like hand in glove.” And Karma Kismet does well to bring to life this concept through their gastronomy.

    The cuisine at Karma Kismet is like a coin, one side being traditional Awadhi or Peshawar. But a whole other side, the intricate detailing of culinary arts applied in the dishes in front of you.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\gucchi_ka_shorba.jpg

    Case in point, Gucchi Ka Shorba, which sounds simple enough, but it is the execution of the dish that is way beyond par.

    A large soup bowl plated in the centre of which are several distinct garnishes, atop Kashmiri Morel mushrooms stuffed inside with Shimeji and Enoki mushrooms and topped up with a flavourful and delicious-smelling broth. This dish is heavenly for the mushroom aficionado.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\gulnar_tikka.jpg

    Among the delicacies served in starters, was Gulnar Tikka, a dish of soft, creamy Malai Paneer served with walnuts and figs garnished with amaranth micro greens.

    But the star among the vegetarian starters, Galouti Ki Kismet, a minced mushroom kebab served with a garnish of cress and mushroom snow. The kebab was palate teasing and the mince mushroom’s texture was silken and flavour-packed. This was Karma Kismet’s take on the traditional Galouti Kebab, a lamb based dish. Kudos to the chef, for what can be correctly called a risky yet very successful culinary experiment!

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\kala_murgh_malai.jpg

    Of course, the chef was not done with playing so deliciously with our senses. And so, among the meat lover’s starters was Kala Murg Malai, a dish that looked very palatable and tasted delightfully of smoky umami. This was tastefully done using colours few have the courage to use in the culinary world.

    The Kala Murgh Malai marinated in buttermilk with flavours of smoked paprika got its black colour from activated charcoal and was served with an ornate accompaniment of sous vide quail eggs.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\murgh_makhni.jpg

    In the main course, the modern takes at customary Awadhi and Peshawar cuisines are well recommended. The Murgh Makhani is succulent and brimming with traditional spices and condiments with a heavy dose of Makhani. The Saag is a worthy vegetarian counterpart with deliciously cooked options of cottage cheese and veggies. Do not miss the Karma Dal though! Which tastes best with Karma Kismet’s 16 layer Laccha Parantha.

    Leaving without dessert from here would be a sin and though any of the dishes served here would be an ultimate end to the meal, one must try the recently introduced Evolution of Paan. Karma’s deconstructed take at the Indian Betel Leaf preparation truly personifies their philosophy.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\evolution_of_paan.jpg

    The dessert in question contains all the sweet and refreshing flavours of the Indian preparation but in textures least expected. On a dehydrated Betel leaf are served several elements, a Gulkand macaroon and caramelised khatta garnished with frozen saffron foam, aerated chocolate supari and mukhvilas snow. There’s so much happening on the plate.

    Conclusively, Karma Kismet is a note-worthy nouvelle cuisine experience of the traditional mughlai flavours of Awadh and Peshawar. Don’t let the minimalistic plating confuse you though, the dishes are brimming with various elements that will have you sitting back and loosening your belt in no time!

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    In and around Delhi, this New Year


    New Year’s Eve is the biggest event of the year for which everyone waits eagerly. Now that December has already taken us so far in the dropping temperature of Delhi, 2017 is about to come to its end to begin something afresh or to be precise, to begin 2018 with a new mantra! How are you planning to celebrate this New Year? Watching silly award functions on TV sitting at home accompanied with some munchies near you, is that what you are thinking? Bar your thinking and let your imagination flow as New Year is not restricted to your house.

    It’s time to celebrate and say Goodbye to the year which gave you so much to experience, love and honour. Celebrating with different kinds of ideas makes a lot more sense than just sitting in front of the Television. There are numerous things that one can think of doing while we set off for a beautiful New Year’s celebration.

    Call for a House Party: Call all your friends, relatives, cousins and neighbours at the terrace of your house or rent a penthouse where you can celebrate. Decorate appropriately with balloons and ribbons. Put on the speakers with rock ‘n’ roll or pop music and bring along your dancing spirit. Food can be prepared at home or can be ordered from any of the famous Dhaba, Restaurant or Cafe. Serving liquor, mocktails, juices, and beverages totally depend on the host of the party. 2018 welcome cake and bonfire can also be a part of the House Party.


    Opt for a Night Out: One of the best options can also be a “Night Out” for which friends are enough as a company. Or, it can be a Night Out party with your family, relatives and friends on a long drive, to a lounge/pub, Restaurant, Cafe, some Music Event or a Movie Show, Connaught Place (where people cheerfully live the nightlife), Family picnic in a garden, etcetera.

    Night Out.jpg

    Book Tickets for a Travel Plan: Staying in Delhi is not the only option left for celebrating New Year. One can fly to a nearby hill station or beach just to make New Year more memorable this time. Places that one can plan to visit can be Goa, Bangalore, Never sleeping city-Mumbai, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Gulmarg, Manali, Mcleodganj, Kerala and many other. It’d be a great idea to travel and welcome 2018 in a different way!

    Travel Plan.jpg

    A neighbourhood party: Talk to all the neighbours and dutch an equal amount of money so that a whole society party can happen with a full-fledged Dance Performance, Buffet set up, Dance floor, Dj, Cake arrangement and so many games for kids and adults to play. This would make up for a big New Year Party bash.


    Camping on a New Year: Take out your Tents, Firewood and Trekking bags to set for a Trekking and camping trip this New Year. A bonfire, camp, making food in natural circumstances, all under a sky full of stars! What would be more beautiful a celebration on this New Year?


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    Radisson Blu Noida’s new Luxury Makeover

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Radisson_Blu_MBD_HotelNoida.jpg

    Oh Factor: MBD Group unveils ultra-luxurious avatar of Radisson Blu Noida!

    Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida in the centre of NCR has now been established as one of the finest hotels in hospitality for business and pleasure.  

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Radisson_Blu_MBD_HotelNoida.jpg

    MBD Group has taken it upon them to transform the hotel into an ultra-luxurious destination. The re-designing exercise has given the property a complete make-over with astounding detailing that starts at the lobby, to the adjoining restaurant, swathing it in a Victorian era theme of luxury.

    MBD’s new Privé Collection is a treat of leisure in bespoke style. Basically, introducing in a new set of rooms, refurbished and redecorated, each room in this collection emulates classic fashion with impeccable interiors.

    To the guest, the Privé Collection presents a lavish experience of high end hospitality which includes comforts such as a personal butler, access to the Privé Lounge, in-room technology and more that caters to the personal specifications of a guest for an effortless experience.

    Other than this, the hotel has also re-launched S18, their all day dining restaurant and turned it into SXVIII, an all day brasserie with a neo classical avatar. Likewise, to showcase old world charm, the restaurant’s logo has been transformed as well.

    The hotel has also re-located its patisserie, The Chocolate Box to the lobby. The now lobby-level patisserie is a tempting presence that has more than once been known for its artisanship and brilliant selection of chocolates, cakes & desserts.

    The MBD Group has a brand philosophy of offering guests an ultra-luxury experience. And keeping true to that, the cutting-edge technology one would expect is everywhere, yet the spirit of luxury hasn’t been dimmed.

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    ‘DILLIWALA KHAZANA FESTIVAL’ concludes with a bang!

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\dillli.jpg

    Oh Factor: A three day fest dedicated to what it means to be from Delhi!

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\dilliwala.jpg

    A three day long ‘DILLIWALA KHAZANA FESTIVAL’ organized by Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, intended to entertain people with distinctive food options, mesmerizing music and a quirky flea market, was concluded recently.. The fest uncovered Delhi’s finest in food, art, music and culture and deliver the unique experience of the city’s heritage, magic and secrets to the world.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\dillli.jpg

    Food is a part of being a Dilliwala and the festival brought together some of the best names in street foods not only from the Walled City – some known, some forgotten – but also from newly developed tastes that Delhi has spawned. All-time favourites like Khan Mughlai – Daryaganj, Netaji ki Chaat – Chandni Chowk, Rajeev Bhai ke Special Omelette, Changezi Chicken -Ballimaran, Indo Kulfi- Karol Bagh, wide variety of momos – Momo.in, Pyar Mohabat Sharbat – Matia Mahal, Daulat ki Chaat and Taufeeq ki Biryani –Chitli Qabar in PuraaniDilli were some of the participating food outlets.

    Representing Delhi’s cosmopolitan culinary culture were Yeti – The Himalyan Kitchen, Dom Dom Biryani serving Kolkata specialities, Kathputli, Culinary Pitaara and the Indian Catering Company with a wide range of vegetarian fusion food.

    All through the three days of the fest, people continued to pour in making the carnival grand and unforgettable. A festival that celebrates Delhi cannot skimp on music, Art, Theatre, Dance or Poetry and to mesmerise and enchant visitors, there were soulful yet energizing performances of Sufi music, fusion of traditional sufi and folk by the popular Nizami BrothersBally Sagoo, Copy Cats, Tritha and Dilli ki Billi Collective. Urdu storyteller- Fouzia Dastango, Improvised dancer – Parvati Tampi and Kathak Dancer – Reetu Jain performed at the festival. There were also performances by Sergio Dinarte (Bass & Vox Effects), Ritika Singh (Rap, Vocals, Theatre) Madhusudan Baul (Baul Geet, AnandaLahiri), Kartikey Vashisht (Flute & Wind Instruments) and MohitLal (Tabla & Percussions), Trippy Sama and many more.

    A special performance by Padmashri Awardee, Dadi Pudumjee’s The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust was a key attraction at the festival.

    A vast array of curated flea shops brought to life the spirit of Meena Bazaar with assorted attractions offering traditional and ethnic designs, henna, ittars, authentic aromatic spices and the choicest bangles. The festival had something for everyone be it the foodie, arty kind or the shopaholic. All the guests celebrated being a dilliwala in true dilliwala style.

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    Top 5 places for Christmas Shopping

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\sadar bazaar.jpg

    Oh Factor: These five places can satisfy almost all of your Christmas needs!

    With the snowy festival of Christmas gifts and huge decorative trees around the corner, no wonder there’s an important question on everyone’s mind. That is, how to make this year’s Christmas a different and exuberant affair.

    Well this list should help you get all your Christmas affairs in order, whether it’s what decorations to get, how to decorate your tree, what sort of Christmas tree to get or gifts for loved ones and close friends!

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\kriti-creations.jpg

    • Kriti Creations

    One of the best places for Christmas shopping, they cater to all your home decor and handicraft needs. In this case, from Christmas trees of various sizes to decorations and gift options, Kriti Creations has you covered in more or less everything.

    Address: Outlets in Gurgaon, Saket and Noida
    Phone: 011 41757388

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\party-hunterz.jpg

    • Party Hunterz

    Inflatable snowmen may not be as amazing as the real thing, but they definitely make for good decoration! Also get reindeer antlers or all sorts of props for a themed party.

    Address: Outlets in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida
    Phone: 011 41033222

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\wanna-party-.jpg

    • Wanna Party

    Do try the themed dessert platter here! They have quirky stuff like Candy Cane stockings and Christmas pudding sunglasses. Other than that, one can find all sorts of Christmas themed apparel and props.

    Address: B-26 Shivalik, Panchsheel-Geetanjali Road, Delhi
    Phone: 011 4052 1495

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\sadar bazaar.jpg

    • Sadar Bazaar

    The best place for not only Christmas Decor but also the best bargains! Find some adorable Santa Claus and other themed costumes here.

    Address: Sadar Bazaar Market, Delhi

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\hamleys.jpg

    • Hamleys

    A massive goods store from the UK, already have a substantial presence in India with over six outlets in Delhi & NCR. Find all sorts of Christmas trees, decor and outfits here.

    Address: Outlets in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida
    Phone: 0120 676 5321 (Noida outlet)

    With a list like this, Christmas shopping is going to be a breeze!

    Photo Source: Google

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    Beyond Sushi: 5 Places worth visiting for Authentic Japanese Cuisine

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\guppy.png

    When thinking about Japanese cuisine, the first delicacy that comes to mind is sushi. And that is comprehensible, thanks to its introduction to the rest of the world in the late 1800s. It quickly caught fire and became popular in most of the world to give way to the various westernised styles of sushi we know today. In fact it has gained so much popularity in today’s age that it is easy to define Japanese cuisine as a comprehensive amalgamation of sticky rice, raw fish or meat, and seaweed.

    But as proponents and enthusiasts of Japanese culture and cuisine, as well as the Japanese themselves will tell you… there is so much more. In fact, Japanese cuisine offers much more than teriyaki and tempura too. As those are usually our second and third go-to.

    So from tasty Okonomiyaki to the best Yakitori and Udon or Soba noodles which are must haves, I present to you authentic Japanese cuisine and the best places to experience it in Delhi.

    • Kofuku

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Kofuku.png

    Photo credits: Zomato

    Located in Ansal Plaza, Kofuku has an extensive Japanese menu. Started off in Mumbai and now here, their decor is as extensive as their menu. Wooden cordoned of areas with tradition Japanese seating, wooden decor, and the works. Coming here, try the Okonomiyaki in question, plus a hoard of authentic Japanese from Miso Shiru soup to Yaki Shitake mushrooms and aged Dashi Tofu. And that’s just the starters.

    Where: BG-09, Ansal Plaza Mall, August Kranti Marg, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

    Cost: 1,500 for two people (approx.)

    Phone Number: +91 801017417

    • C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\guppy.pngGuppy

    Photo Credits: Zomato

    With decor as colourful as the plating, Guppy is a zany restaurant in Lodhi Colony with equally eccentric cocktails. Enjoy the ambience here with a drink at hand and an assortment of Japanese cuisine worth having. Dessert wise, they have an assortment of icecreams and cakes as well as a green tea pudding.

    Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

    Cost: 2,900 for two people (approx.)

    Phone Number: 011 24690005; +91 9650185005

    • Fuji Japanese Restaurant

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Fuji.png

    Photo Credits: Zomato

    Based in the central hub of Delhi, Connaught Place, Fuji offers proper Japanese food with pure Japanese style of eating. With a large and extensive menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice here much beyond the usual traditional sushi and tempura.

    Where: M-41/2, Speedbird House, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

    Cost: 2,000 for two people (approx.)

    Phone Number: 011 33107682

    • Yum Yum ChaC:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\yum yum cha.png

    Photo Credits: Yum Yum Cha FB Page

    This place can be found in Khan Market. Imagine a cute restaurant with a menu similar to Japanese street food. Their sushi menu is immense but they also have a lot more to offer alongside. Consider the Japanese Pizza or Takoyaki as well.

    Where: Shop 69, First floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi

    Cost: 1,800 for two people (approx.)

    Phone Number: 011 41523030; 011 41525050

    • En – The Japanese Restaurant

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\En.png

    Photo Credits: Zomato

    Overlooking a great view of Qutub Minar in Mehrauli, En isn’t only a great place to experience Japanese Cuisine but an equally great place for a first date per se. The decor and seating set up is very fine dining, with a private balcony area seating as well. Tepenyaki, Maki, Sushi, Japanese style Udon Noodles, are only a hint of the extensive menu. Explore their Sunday Brunch from 12 – 3 pm for a afternoon weekend Japanese splurge.

    Where: H-5/1, Ambawatta One, Kalkadas Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

    Cost: 2,800 for two people (approx.)

    Phone Number: 011 33105772

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    5 Best Places for Tea in Delhi NCR

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\triveni.png

    Come the first hint of monsoon rains, the wet muddy smell, the darkness even in the afternoon skies… It’s almost as if our brains are hard-wired to crave Chai.

    Ah, the tasteful concoction of perfectly brewed tea leaves, sugar, the correct amount of milk, and a hint of ginger and cardamom. It doesn’t even have to be monsoons. May it be a pleasant early morning, mid project in the middle of the day or for that much needed push of creativity to write a new article. No one is void of the perks of a fresh brew of tea. Pair it with some classic Indian snacks like samosas or jalebis and you’ve officially hit the epitome of heaven.

    So I present to you the five best places in Delhi NCR to enjoy Kadak Chai:

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\chaayos.png

    • Chaayos

    It’s probably no surprise that the list starts with Chaayos. As a brand they’ve really established themselves as a connection for experiencing all sorts of teas. From a long list of teas such as Pahadi Chai, the classic Masala Chai to the least expected Aam Papad Chai. Their list is extensive and they have a selection of tag along snacks to match.

    Cost: Rs. 400 (For two people approx)

    Address: F-14/15, Mezzanine, 1st Floor, F Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi (But they have outlets all over Delhi)

    Phone Number: 18001202424

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Teasta.png

    • Teasta

    Located in Sector 37, Noida, It is the go-to for college students. Attracts a large crowd post college hours and has recently given rise to unplugged music and all sorts of events on the weekends in the market area. They have a wide variety of teas such as Ginseng, Lemon, Hazelnut and their list of coffees are just as large. Do try their brownie or muffins with your tea.

    Cost: Rs. 200 (For two people approx)

    Address: 16, Godawari Complex, Sector 37, Noida

    Phone Number: +91 9818894695

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\cha bar.png

    • Cha Bar

    Based in Connaught Place this is a book store cum cafe. Enjoy their wide collection of books with an equally wide variety of tea options. They also have an extensive list of delectable desserts and the Fish and Chips are recommended.

    Cost: Rs. 500 (for two people approx)

    Address: N-81, Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, New Delhi

    Phone Number: +91 9958005985

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\triveni.png

    • Triveni Terrace Cafe

    Surrounded by green with a calming ambience, Triveni is a great place to relax and eat or come with a date for some tea. The ambience gets really uplifting in winters or monsoon. Enjoy food here with some masala chai or French press coffee and you’re good to go.

    Cost: Rs. 450 (for two people approx)

    Address: 205, Tan Sen Marg, Opposite FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi

    Phone Number: +91 9971566904

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\Mikii.png

    • Too Mikii Tapas

    They have great cafe food and a commendable outdoor ambience, worth going to if around the Chanakyapuri area. From oolong Tea to Chinese Tea, Chrysanthemum Green Tea and even your classic Cutting Chai paired with cake rusk. Their Tea menu is definitely worth trying.

    Cost: Rs. 700 (for two people approx)

    Address: Opposite Taj Hotel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

    Phone Number: 011 24100810

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    Book Review – The Color Purple by Alice Walker

    Colour Purple.jpg

    The Colour Purple by Alice Walker, an American writer is an Epistolary Novel which has taken a form that is inhospitable to the oral cultures. Walker has portrayed a society which is an outcome of certain historical and cultural repercussions. Therefore, it places the whites in a dominant position over blacks and literacy in a dominant position than oral expression. The whole narrative also emphasises on the love between women, sisterhood, parenthood and the male dominance leading to the rupture of the women’s voice.

    The writing style of the Novel is the predominant factor that starts to develop when the reader flips the very first page of the very first letter. There is a letter that is addressed to the God, the Almighty in a language that is not written in the accepted English Standards. Wrong grammar, inappropriate syntax of the sentence and misspelled words in the letters written by the protagonist, Celie depicts “the language of the Black Folks” as is highlighted by the author, Alice Walker. Letters written by Celie to the God are non-dated letters which makes it difficult for the reader to figure out the time frame of the novel setting. The first 51 letters are written by Celie addressed to the God for self-actualization and oral expression.Another 38-40 letters are written by her long lost sister Netti tracing the Afro-American and African History. There are unrevealed gaps between the two letters, sometimes 5 years and sometimes Walker herself doesn’t mention the date of the letters. The writings are bold and portray an unquestionable innocence which is brought about by the powerful writing that Celie adopts to write. The voice that Celie uses in the whole text is the resistant narratological voice.

    The story revolves around a woman called Celie who is a Black Georgia girl and is married to a person who referred to as Mr._____ and is later unveiled as Mr. Albert (Son of Alphonso, ‘Pa’).Celie is a regular victim of repeated rapes, impregnation and deprivation of a voice. Celie’s mother used to stay unhealthy due to which she used to take care of her sister and love her unconditionally. Celie kept her sister busy with books to let her escape from the shackles of sexual dominance that was coming her way after Celie during Netti’s childhood. After the separation from her sister, Celie could find the satisfaction, the love, the acknowledgement of her own corporeal aspects because of Shug (Shug Avery, the mistress of Celie’s husband). Shug came as a catalyst that brought Celie to a level of self-actualization due to which she bonds better with Shug. Her separation from Netti invoked Celie to maintain a journal of her letters and adopt writing as a therapy be it written as a non-standardised English. After the unveiling of the fact that Mr.____was responsible to hide all the letters that Netti was writing for Celie, she started to resist her constant violence (rapes) leading to  the bewilderment of Mr. Albert. Celie then started living with Shug Avery and started working as a seamstress and got her alternate language established in which she could eat, drink, bathe, etc. with freedom.

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    Tuesdays with Morrie


    Oh Factor: the book is highly recommended for all those who consider their lives are suffering from emptiness.

    AA non-fictional book classified under the category of a Biographical Fiction, Philosophical Fiction and a Memoir presented to the readers as a story sung by a columnist named Mitch Albom.

    One would say that it is more of a Memoir that opens up an account of Mr. Morrie Schwartz, a 79 year old professor of Brandeis University in the city of Waltham, Massachusetts ridden by a slow poison, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Mitch Albom has very vividly chronicled his thoughts in a very simple and straightforward attempt of a book called Tuesdays with Morrie. Was Morrie Schwartz a grandfather, a teacher or a colleague? He was more than anything; he was a professor who ran a curriculum titled the meaning of Life and Death which was taught only by experience on every Tuesday at his home where Mitch used to visit him.

    Mitch used to think he had it all: love, fame and money. He was a successful sports journalist for The Detroit Free Press; he had a daily radio show in Detroit, a devoted wife, a large house and friends. But, in a by-now classic combination, outer success masked inner emptiness. What stirred Mitch was his Mentor/Friend/Teacher’s show on television saw his old college sociology professor, Morrie Schwartz being interviewed about death by Ted Koppel on ‘’Nightline” Unable to move due to his deadly disease, the passionate Morrie spent his time sharing his experience and educating his long lost student Mitch who promised to stay in touch with him, but couldn’t. Moved with his story, Ted Koppel came to interview Morrie on Nightline where he could vent out the stores of his experiences to people who could live their lives peacefully ahead. He recorded Morrie’s three Audiovisuals due to his day by- day declining health.

    Mitch Albom’s non-fictional book is counted amongst the Best Sellers list of the New York Times that incorporates a chronology that the chapters of the Book follow. There are few jumps in the past (where Mitch used to be a student of Morrie Schwartz) but the author successfully takes a smart move in and out of the time structuring a total of 14 Tuesdays with Morrie.

    To talk about the relevance and the beauty of the book and its content, then, the book is highly recommended for all those who consider their lives are suffering from emptiness. The narrative style of the book is highly compelling which makes you read more and more of it. The book is a must read because it teaches you how to live your life!

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    A Bowlful of Home @ Monkey Bar

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl_One Bowl Winter_Monkey Bar 2_Photo Tanushree Bhasin.jpg

    Address: Plot 11, Upper Ground Floor, LSC, Pocket C-6 & 7, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

    Cost: Rs. 1,300 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

    Phone: 011 41095155

    As you walk out to the grounds next to the complex that houses Barbeque Nation in Vasant Kunj, you see a large well kempt lawn in the middle of which sits a big glass pyramid, reminiscent of Le Louvre in France.

    This structure is Monkey Bar; one of NCR’s well known Gastro Pubs and home to the new “One Bowl” menu introduced by the curators. With an exemplary ambiance, Monkey Bar caters to your winter alcoholic and comfort food needs. The new and limited winter style menu at Monkey Bar is an amalgamation of comfort, winter warming dishes from various cuisines plated in bowls to give you a true at home feel.

    The 12 ‘one bowl’s introduced in the menu try to take you back to your childhood and remind you of that one dish that your mother used to make in the middle of winters as you tucked in at home. In a similar fashion, the rice and grain based dishes from various cuisines have rich gravies and curries to emulate just that and, if I may say so, quite successfully.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl_One Bowl Winter_Monkey Bar 2_Photo Tanushree Bhasin.jpg

    The Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl reminds you of a deconstructed sushi almost, as it uses similar ingredients. The sticky rice and Teriyaki glaze that’s made with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, is quite evident of this. The dish is served with broad beans on the side and some extra Teriyaki glaze.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\Goan Xacuti_One Bowl Winter_Monkey Bar 3_Photo Tanushree Bhasin.jpg

    The Goan Xacuti Bowl is served with millets instead of rice. The gravy is rich and brimming with coconut milk flavour. The chicken is well cooked and the tempering is spot on. The dish leaves warmth in your heart and belly, having you feel quite satiated.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Desktop\IMG_20171118_221104_403.png

    Finally, the Wild Mushroom Khichdi takes the cake with purely desi, warmth inducing masalas and slow cooked mushrooms. The dish is a creamy Moong Dal khichdi served with ghee, papad, achaar and curd on the side.

    C:\Users\desgin 4\Downloads\Copper Monkey (1) - Monkey Bar - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra.jpg

    Notable beverages include the Copper Monkey; a whiskey based cocktail with lime, mint and bitters, perfect for the cold evenings.

    Conclusively, Monkey Bar does a good job with the new menu. Besides, these three, there are nine other comfort bowls one could try, but better hurry as the menu is available only till 15th of January!