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Mama's Buoi – Review

As soon as you get off from the GTB Nagar Metro Station, you step into the world of a place filled with different Cafes around you. This is where you reach the verge of the road where the Cafes end and there you find a tree fully laden and embellished with different shapes and sizes of cages of different colours which lights up during the evening time. The setting sets up a beautiful environment that leads you upstairs to the last floor where the whole area is dipped into the solid tunes of the rock music bringing out the inner dancer in everyone!

And, finally, you find a table to sit with as many people as you want. Also, there are surprises hidden when you reach the main floor of the Cafe. The very first awestruck moment would be the engrossed beer bottles in the wall that leads you to the terrace seating of the restaurant. This place is basically reserved for the events; Sufi Nights or any other band that comes up then they have a proper seating arrangement. A breezy evening at Mama’s Buoi would definitely sway you  from within. Let the breeze flow with a full swing!

When asked about the concept of naming a restaurant as “Mama’s Buoi”, Mr. Sahil (the owner of the Cafe) exclaimed, “ a college-going “boy” is a MAMA’S BUOI and after that, he is a clumsy “Man of ladies”. Therefore, I named it as MAMA’s BUOI.” Well, not just this but the illustration of a Mama’s Buoi as a goggle wearing tiger and the Man of the ladies as a monkey weighed down with an apron of a kitchen was really interesting to note in the Cafe!

Ordering food, sitting at the table watching the menu, wasn’t really a cake walk! Therefore, after some time we decided to order the Mama’s Signature Pizza topped with Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Basil Pesto and other Vegetables. It was brought in such a presentable manner on a circular wooden block which made it look more inviting! The crust was of the medium thickness but the different roasted vegetables, sprinkled flakes of oregano and chilly and melting cheese in the mouth brought the taste to a different level. The crackling of the plates while having the food couldn’t be even heard because of the music that covered the whole premises with its beats. To beat the heat of the scorching sun over our heads, there was a Summer Special drinks menu from which we ordered a drink called Orange and Peach Sparkle that was again really pleasing to hear or even read. Hence, the chopped slices of the tangy orange and their succulent juice with the pinch by pinch flavour of the luscious peach in every sip created a summation of a heavenly mocktail. The next we ordered was a different mocktail called Laughing Melon that perfectly blended the taste of the melon, sweetening sugar, Basil leaves and drops of lemon and any other ingredients that made it another blissful drink to savour from their drinks menu. After this, we ordered a normal Arrabiata pasta garnished with a garlic bread, pretty appropriately greasy with the chopped and perfectly fried tomatoes with pasta equally soft and easily chewable dish. Such a pasta could have been easily expected out of a place like Mama’s Buoi!

As we approach the end of the tasting session of the Cafe, it can be nicely concluded that this place is a must visit for all those who move to the beats of every song and are good explorers of the upcoming drinks in this foodie world. Above all, this is a casual hanging out place for all the University Students!  

Address: 2624, Hudson Lane, GTB Nager, Delhi, 110009

Directions and Details – https://goo.gl/maps/CixWfVjMf522

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