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The Vault Cafe – Review

The tinges of imperialism of The East India Company, the nooks of freedom, the vintage walls, the lighted corners, the might of the security and the secrecy of the Vaults sums up to a mighty corner of Connaught Place, F block, 2nd Floor, known as The Vault Cafe. As soon as the lift takes you to the second floor and you keep a step inside the Cafe, it doesn’t seem that you are in Connaught Place, you are transmitted to a third level as is expressed by Mr. Jack Finney who has written the state of an unconscious mind through his story of “The Third Level”! The window panes are loaded with chains, there are deep big Vaults (A secure room in a bank in which valuables are stored) or chambers with a dome-shaped entrance. These Vaults are a perfect destination for parties or get together wherein 10-15 people can be accommodated and cherish their privacy. The background music, intact leather sofas or chairs, a big stage with a screen, and the sunlight filtering through the windows turns the whole atmosphere of the place in a mixture of red, brown and orange hues. Therefore, dining here during the daylight beside the window, in private corners, celebrating in the vaults or two people sitting in the epicentre of the Cafe, you have a free hand to select your cosy one.

Coming to the menu that they serve, there is a myriad of cuisines to choose from starters to the Main Course and Desserts. The place also serves some delectable breakfast options. And a whole different three-four pages dedicated to Mocktails, Cocktails, Teas, Coffee, Shakes and Smoothies. The signature starters had Tandoori Soya Chaap, Dahi ke Kebab

and other sumptuous dishes to select from. We ordered Dahi ke Kebab that was served on a sizzler plate with green chutney having salad sides. As we took the round shaped kebabs roasted in an accurate manner with a perfectly blended mixture of a creamy, sour and smooth taste of hung yoghurt and chopped onions, ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves deep fried to a golden finish with the cornflour layer leaving behind a mouth-watering taste of the Kebabs. The Dahi ke Kebabs were followed with a Vault Fruit Bull and Banana and Vanilla shake. The Mocktail was an accurate summation of all the succulent and seasonal fruits inside the fruity and fizzy drink with drops of sourness of a lemon. The drink was garnished with equally chopped pear, apple and dripping & juicy red watermelon. This was a worth try for all those who want to try something different from the chocolaty flavours. And, the banana and Vanilla shake were the appropriate confluence of the mashed bananas and milk stirred with core essence of Vanilla which was so filling and delicious that one would definitely have one more glass of the same. After that, we ordered the signature platter called Vault Special Munchies platter that again arrived in a black sizzler tray having four different varieties placed onto it. A bowl of cone-shaped roasted masala papad placed one into another, followed by deep fried french fries tossed in salt giving it an exuberant taste accompanied with two bowls of Masala Chickpea and masala peanuts filled with chopped squeezed with lemon drops to garnish the taste. All of this was a great package full of different ingredients that serves a tummy full and a feeling of satiation is what you take after you leave with the promise of coming back to try the other items from The Vault Cafe menu!

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