New horizons, Revamped KINBUCK 2

Kinbuck 2, a casual Dining Cafe for friends and family has now been redone! Redone with a new zeal in the team of KINBUCK 2! As exclaimed by the owner (Mr. Gaurav Arora), “Redoing the Cafe is the necessity of the time because people want something new, every now and then.”Therefore, Kinbuck 2 starts off with a big and heavy entry gate that renders you entry into a different world that exists in Connaught Place! The walls have now been revamped with a Romanian tinge with bricks moulded in the form of two domes that are noticed as and when you gaze at the ceiling! The cafe comforts you within the environment which is not like the cafes which are too dingy to even see each other! The lights are accurately spread across the premises. When it comes to the sitting area, the places are well laid, now, for sitting with different kinds of chairs, sofas, bar chairs, stairs and other places where you can come in a group of 2, 3, 4, 5 and counting!

The bar, during revamping, has been shifted to a diametrically opposite side of the place to create more sitting space. They have added a sumptuous variety of cuisines for the people to have accompanying the new place. The significant speciality of the chefs that prepare the food is the usage of healthy garnishing over the food consisting of different types of chopped salads which make the food delectable, presentable and healthy at the same time. One of the features that Mr. Gaurav Arora is very proud of is the sunshine that gets filtered from the windows while having certain warm talking sessions with your dear ones combined with Sparkling cocktails, mocktails and flavoursome food in front of you. During winters, it feels on top of the world when the sun shining also spreads its filtered light into the premises of KINBUCK 2!

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