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Piyali-The Curry Bistro (Navratra Food Review)

As and when I entered the place Piyali-The Curry Bistro, a chilling blow of the air-conditioned wind crossed me with the beats of the English Chartbusters that kept on playing and refreshing the Colonial ambiance of the restaurant! I could see the ambiance segregated into three main areas; one with abstract multi-coloured paintings hanging on the walls above the three tables; second, candle shaped bulbs warmly lighting up the chandelier spreading the warm light in the hall; thirdly, a bar table where the bartender pour and creates sparkling and cooling cocktails and mocktails! Each and every table of two, four or six was soaked up in ritualistic 9 days of Navratri because they were serving the Navratri Special Thali!


Then,I finally sat down on the velvet-striped sofa very comfortably! Soon the Navratri Thali arrived in white elegant cutlery which was beautifully prepared and laid. Each bowl consisting of something different from the other bowl. To be very precise, there were 6 bowls and a platter. The bowls had six different things to savour namely, a bowl full of chopped juicy fruits having water melon, green and black grapes and a sturdy apple; other with Aloo ki subzi; third bowl with Kuttu ke Pakoras; fourth with Sabudana Kheer; fifth with Paneer ki Subzi and sixth with Pineapple Raita! The Platter was having Sabudana Papad, Kuttu ki Pooris and Samak ke chawal. And, as soon as I selected a bowl to begin with, I could sense the taste with all my taste buds,  a crispy bite of the Kuttu Poori deeply fried in oil accompanied with aloo subzi neatly prepared with green chilli, chopped tomato pieces  and sprinkled Jeera to taste good were all coming out to be a very mouth-watering combo.

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Kuttu Poori when savoured with Paneer dipped in orange gravy could be savoured as one of the best combos, the paneer could easily be broken into delectable bites due to its extra softness. The pineapple raita that was so sweetened with sweet curd and juicy chunks of pineapple tasted exquisite with the Kuttu Pooris. Along with the food, the platter also had sabudana papad fried and fluffed up with the plain taste of sabudana as an addition to the taste of the normal  bites of kuttu with different varieties that I was having.  The lemon coloured Samak Rice placed in the shape of a bowl, each grain of the Samak was very well separated from each other having no taste  but were amazing as my palate could feel each grain! Kuttu ke Pakoras were very appropriately fried and were soaked up with a flavouring taste that could be made a combo with Aloo, Raita and Paneer with gravy. The pooris soon vanished from the platter. The leftovers now had the delicious, lip-smacking and thick Sabudana Kheer that was stirred with milk for a longer time which gathered the taste of the original kheer that stole away all my tastes and the juicy fruit bowl with perfectly chopped fruits! Both of the leftovers, concluded the meal with the icing on the top! Hence, the Navratra Ritual was very well served, displayed and cooked.

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