Champa Gali #PhotoEssay

An Ordinary Street that has been transformed or Revived into a place filled with life that’s got Great Cafés, Beautiful Shops with stuff you won’t find anywhere in delhi and Event’s those you must not miss.



Jugmug Thela is a Café that serves with some great brews and Cakes and Cookies. The Café often hosts several musical performances and Art festivals and is a must visit for everyone.


Cake Slices
Cake Slices
Primitive Brewing Machine
Primitive Brewing Machine
Packaged Brews by Jugmug Thela
Packaged Brews by Jugmug Thela
A Cake Slice out of Jugmug Thela’s Kitchen.
A Cake Slice out of Jugmug Thela’s Kitchen.


A place that’ll make you fall in love. Great place for couples.
A place that’ll make you fall in love. Great place for couples.


Musical Performance at the Backyard of Jugmug Café. The place is a host to such events on most Saturday Eve’s.



And Artwork like these all around.

dsc_0103 dsc_0095 dsc_0124

An Artist painting and selling his artworks outside Jugmug.


Blue Tokai – Coffee Roasters is another Café which has got Mind Blowing Brews along with Snacks and delicious foods. They make their own coffee and have got a complete setup to make coffee out of beans.


A quite place where you can work or have fun with friends or just be there to enjoy the ambiance and peace.

dsc_0036 dsc_0034

The waiters are Kind and will happily show you the brewing units and also you can find some great products like Chocolates by Blue Tokai.

dsc_0059 dsc_0056 dsc_0069

Specialized cooks who know how to make the customers come again and again by making the most delicious foods.


Blue Tokai’s Backyard. They are also hosts to several performances by bands and is a great place to hang out.

Champa Gali has also got two great stores – Jugaad & People’s Tree. These stores are great if you want to buy handmade stylish goods and want to be unique with your purchases.

dsc_0111dsc_0109 dsc_0106


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