Unlocking the mystery of Paharganj

Unlocking Delhi with Paharganj as the first step towards exploration! Paharganj is like the box filled up of little surprises hidden at every corner accompanying the daily hustle-bustle. Gifts, accessories, food, clothing and so much more. It’s a complete package of an affordable shopping mall on the streets!
Hence, take out some time for a place where every busy  wanderer visits for a dip into the old hippie world transformed into a busy dining, shopping and living place!

1. Earthen Piggy Banks

An earthen piggy bank that yells treasure.

2. Basket accessories

Crafted by hands for enhancing your hands

3. Handicrafts (bags,  clothes, door decorations)


Walk-walk-walk and you stop where all the handies reside!

4. Handmade Boxes

There should have been a big and beautiful storehouse like these tiny ones

5. Demon masks

No evil eye can spoil you when you have such protection!

6. Choley Bhature

Who can avoid an unparalleled taste only by “Sitaram Choley Bhature”


If not felt the real seeds of banana while drinking a Lassi, then you’re not a Delhite!

8. Cafe Coffee Co.

Hungry mornings can be tummy-filled when you land here that too at an affordable rate list!

10.  Leather shoes, bags, belts, etc.

No need to look the whole city for good leather shoes and bags as Paharganj is the “Leather hub”!

11. Winter Clothes

Everybody want to make their winters cozy so, buy coziness here!

12. Magnets (the auto, India gate)

Give you refrigerator a cultural cum trending look with these cool magnets!

13. Imports and tourists

Turn on your flash lights for Imported material as well as the foreign footsteps becoming the centre attraction of Paharganj!

Photographs by Animesh Gour | Text by Kadambini Arora

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