Wear the colours of "Being a woman" @The Churi Bazaar, Hanuman Mandir, CP

The mark of being a girl, a woman and a wife is adorned on the wrist. Tones of red, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, brown, golden, silver and many more are all hung in abundance in the “Churi Bazaar” that is just hidden behind the Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place.

The Churi Bazaar is a plethora of colours, variety, quality, sizes and types of different bangles that one could wear for any type of ocassion, be it a Shadi of close ones, Mehendi, Sangeet, Girls night, Birthday party, Anniversay, Sagan,etc. Hence, the never ending occasion list! The small place is filled with so many bangles that the Bangle lovers out there would adore the place after the very first glimpse of it.

The Churiyaans are of Laak, Glass, Metal and Plastic. The bangle sellers there are sitting there from the time of the Mughals. Imagine! Pretty ancient! One can, actually, never question their authenticity! Being there from this time, oh sorry, from this “Era” of the Mughals, these Muslim bangle sellers have spent their generations sitting and selling bangles here. The beauty of the clinking of the glass bangles came into existence because of the Bangle makers of Firozabad (as has been portrayed by Anees Jung in LOST SPRING), which is the centre of Glass-blowing industry of India. The Bangle makers of Firozabad undergo a lot of painstaking efforts, even losing their eyes for that matter. Do you know for who all they go through the risk of their own life? It is for the women to look beautiful. Such a sacrifice!

The Lac bangles are prepared in Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Jaipur! Other matte metallic, shining bangles are all prepared in the industries of Mumbai and Delhi! There are many other new designs that these ancient bangle makers create on their own. They spill these designs in the market as soon as those are created. The usage of the colours and every intricacy that they emboss on these bangles is highly royal and is available in multitudes that would go with any outfit!

Earlier, Bangles/Churiyan were just a part of the women accessories but with time they have gained the status of a “Ritual”, a ritual that is followed up with thousands of prayers and wishes. A Punjabi woman celebrates “Chura Ceremony” before her marriage and adorns it on her arm for another year after her marriage. Adorning the bangle on the arms in the colour of Red and white is a ritual for Bengalis as well. It is not about what the state is or which religion carries the ritual of wearing bangles, but these two examples highlight that we all are one. A married woman in some or the other way embrace her arms throughout her life, as a maiden and as a wife as well. This is where the importance of Churiyaan lies and the importance of the roles played by a woman as well, which are characterised by the bangle wearing rituals!

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