5 Food Trucks in Delhi NCR – These are our Picks

Lorries and wagons that earlier used to serve Chinese and Tibetan cuisines, have now expanded to trucks that churn up cuisines from across the world. These trucks were once suspected for their quality and consistency. If this boom of food trucks continues, restaurants and hotels also might come up with their exclusive street food kiosks or such wagons. They offer quirky menus, giving you the privilege of trying food that is economical now spread across all the areas of Delhi and NCR with some functioning from multiple locations as well. Here are our best picks.

The Lalit Food Truck Company, Barakhamba Road – Gourmet street food is now available on wheels with The Lalit Food Truck Company. You can explore the Latin American fare, and some of the dishes recommended include tacos, hand-cut fries, falafels, churros and tortilla wraps.

EGGjactly, Leisure Valley Road, Gurgaon – Serving a delectable variety of eggs, EGGjactly has placed its truck in Gurgaon. This truck turns out some really interesting egg-based dishes that you would not find elsewhere. You can try their burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, and beverages as they are done quite nicely here.

Kobri, Gurgaon – Oh yes, we also now have authentic South Indian food on wheels. Kobri serves delicious dosas with unique stuffing combinations. Besides dosa, other worth indulging options include idlis, sandwiches and combinations of the two. From mushroom to chicken, spinach, cottage cheese or any other meat or vegetable, they have preparations with everything.

Nashta Paani, Delhi – Since most of the trucks operate during the day, and some till late at night, here we have something unusual – breakfast on the go. Nashta Paani in Sultanpur has incredible breakfast options and opens at 8 am. Their eggs, parathas, sandwiches, wraps and other delicacies can be give a shot. They are open till lunch in case you plan to have a brunch.

Frugurpop, Gurgaon – This concept has won the palates of many epicures through a sweet connection. Ice candy popsicles are what you can have here in varied flavours such as le chocolatier, triple berry, tiramisu, and banana waffle Nutella.

So, now apart from the number of stand-alone restaurants or those in hotels, gastronomes are also in for something fresh and unusual such as a food truck selling authentic international food. This concept is hugely popular in the west and now India and Delhi NCR are also not far behind.

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