Celebrate World Heritage Week and the 1st Indraprastha Festival this November! #Heritage

The 1st  Indraprastha Festival scheduled at Pandav Fort (Purana Quila), Mathura Road, Indraprastha. This is an effort to celebrate the Antiquity, History, and Cultural Heritage of our Capital city.

The highlights of the Festival are Exhibition, Film, International Conference and Cultural programs. They will showcase the excavation findings, the inscriptions on Indraprastha and interesting historical references to Indraprastha in many historical books like Aine-Akbar of Abul Fazal, Survey of India and other Maps and writings of Alexander’s Geographer Ptolemy. The eight days’ Exhibition will take us to a journey from its making till 1911/ 13 Imperial City Notification, via photo displays, conjecture architecture Virtual Reality ‘Walk Through’, and much more

The Intangible Heritage will be highlighted through ‘Pandavani’ by Padmshri Teejan Bai and ‘Wayang Kulit’ by artists from Bali (Indonesia), who for the first time in India tell us the story of Indraprastha through shadow theatre They have also planned ‘Kala Anjali’ – a tribute via paintings to the era and its personalities, live painting at the heart of Indraprastha.

The Oral Tradition of disseminating knowledge will be done by eminent scholars from India and abroad on 22nd and 23rd November at National Museum Janpath, from 10 am – 6.00 pm

“The main aim is to create awareness, better understanding and appreciation of our historical and cultural legacies,” says Neera Misra, Organiser, 1st Indraprastha Festival

The efforts are partly supported by Ministry of Culture, ASI, ICCR National Museum, IGNCA and a host of Volunteers like Architect Renu Khanna, NIEM Team with Students, and students from DSC and some Delhi colleges.

18th November – 25th November  | Pandav Fort (Purana Quila)

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