Desi Street Style Diwali in Lal Quarter, Krishna Nagar

Fantacies have climbed down from the fairy world,
Lights and Candles have lit,
the beauty that is unfurled!

Diwali, has once again seeped soulfully into the white sheets of the heart of every individual sketching the portraits of cheer, glee, happiness, warmth and many other sentiments! The fever of Diwali has even crossed the heat-o-meter of Delhi’s own unbeatable heat and temperature is even higher than that.
Who wants to lower it down to bring it to the level of the ground? Everybody wants this festival to touch the skies. And to talk in the literal terms, it does touch the sky for the firework that glares in the night sky on the Diwali Night!

Before, Diwali comes to an end there is a lot more to scroll through the pages of what we call “Delhi”. The pages of Delhi unfurls one by one the everyday story of the most awaited Diwali Bazaars. And the diyas, lights, candles, flowers, torans, gifts and everything that is lovely adds on to the glitters of the city.

Many of the places in Delhi have been sprinkled with such glitters like Lal Quarter, a market place in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi. This place seems to be a big shopping market for each and every kind of shopoholics in town. The people who live in East Delhi adore the market place. Every small celebration becomes a “Festival” here, in Lal Quarter. Hence, Diwali, being a very big festival in India is celebrated with full zeal, mirth and enthusiasm especially in Lal Quarter. The market place soaks itself in to bring out the dazzles of this festival for almost a week or two before Diwali. Lal Quarter is decorated and fancified like a beautiful bride and as soon as the dusk sets in, the whole place lits up with thousands of infinite lightings.

Diwali is when one buys loads of decorations, show pieces, furniture, bedsheets, and many other things for decorating the interiors of our homes. From earthen diyas to the most high end crockeries, everything is accessible at very reasonable prices. To talk about the quality and variety, there are ample amount of varieties with the best quality stuff available here in Lal Quater which anybody would want as decorations for embellishing their home sweet home! Beautiful showpieces, table clothes, lovely dresses, mehendi designs, and much more that would never end in words!

This Diwali mela in Lal quarter has a lot more to serve to you, after a tiresome Diwali shopping one can enjoy the food stalls comprising of different kinds of snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert menu! Who would want to avoid the hunger pangs of a hungry tummy after so much of shopping?
One can come here to stroll every day for sometime to get into the mood specially designed for Diwali or one can say how Diwali proves to be a happening festival in this corner of Delhi! You can buy many of the things for your dear ones as presents as well as for your own selves! Diwali is yet to start, just step in here!

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