A snapshot of Chail #AroundDelhi

Round and round,

Above the ground,

Dating the valley,

adorning the Himalayan crown!

Delhi is a gateway to many other heavenly places that will never ever come to an end. It is a timeless delight of a hot coffee in winters which no one ever wants to come to a hault for it renders the warmth and tranquility to the soul that resides in the human being! These gateways are like the doors to “Nature at its best”. One does not need to spend lakhs to book a flight to see the aesthetic beauty that is beyond our Nation. The reason behind is, the person who comes to Delhi, the capital, is not restricted to it’s territories. The periphery is open to take in all the natural beauty which tries to come in through the openings!

Although, one sees enough while he or she is in Delhi, but when it comes to family outings or hanging out with friends, the plans change. The plans then incorporate a weekend which is normally transformed into trips! The places that a person would want to visit to beat the heat strokes of Delhi would include Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Dalhousie, Kasauli and many other! These are the hill stations one would desire to visit for the brilliant weather they are engulfed into!

A road that cuts from the roadway to Shimla goes straight towards the road to Chail, the ultimate spot. It is the road “less travelled by” as Robert Frost very aptly puts it that although there were two roads but he took the one less travelled by! The choice of this road would let you enter into a place where suddenly you cut off from the honking pathways, suddenly you will start hearing the silence piercing your ears. And when you will start to follow the path driving in your car, you won’t feel the need to turn on the engine of the car because the car drives itself, you just need to adjust the steering wheel! All you see are lush green mountains and a deep valley that is beside you! It might be the magic that takes you here, to some other place. Then this road takes you to another new place called “Sadhupul” which is actually an intermediary to Chail. There is a river passing on with a full force and people stop there for taking a bath, for clicking pictures and for resting. The only voice you hear here is the voice of the running water of the river and sometimes as a cherry to the cake is the rain that feels like a soft falling shower! When the relaxation gets over, the fever of reaching your destination doubles up. The mountain pass after Sadhupul becomes a bit steep, so your car needs to put in some effort but after that it gets smooth enough. It’s a bit tricky to drive a car on the traversed path yet it is as adventurous as any other adventure sport!

Now, when you see the milestones, they keep on telling you the distance that is now being decreasing from a 12 Km to 9, 8, 7… and so on. And when it comes down to a perfect zero you reach your spot, Chail. You enter into the area which is totally submerged into clouds and as and when it starts to darken at the time of 6 or 6:30, the clouds they come down like fog and you can feel the clouds beneath you. It can be considered no less than an another world of your dreams.

The weather remains pretty cool in the month of July, the temperature falls around 19 Degree celsius during the day and the night becomes a bit chilled. This place can be a getaway of the weekend from the heat that enwraps whole of the Delhi during the months of June and July!

Chail is limited to a particular arena which covers around 110 sq. km, it has two places to visit one of them is kali a tibba which is basically a temple of the Hindu Goddess. This is one of the topmost point which gives you a lens to glance at the beautiful creation of the God, it is a point from where every other hill station is visible. The temple also displays one of the very beautifully carved marble idols of the Shivalinga. One falls his or her hands into humililty before the God and vows to come again with the same intent once his or her wishes are accepted! The pathway to this Temple is highly steep for driving. Every now and then you feel that you would fall from the valley down which is extremely deep. The twists and turns of the mountain passes, although, seem to be dangerous but at the same time serves the purpose of the wholesome adventure. As soon as you tend to reach upwards towards the Temple, specially during the evening time, the fog surrounds the place, the fog even envelops the whole Temple turning it into a serene white background. This literally takes away all your visibility power to look beyond the cover of the dense fog. It is adviced to visit the temple during the day time which would bring in the blazing green beauty of the lush green valleys topped up with clouded mountains.

Everybody who dreams of having the “chuskis of Chai” in the mountain passes from a small tea stall on your way, would found their dreams coming true on this trip!

They say “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” but when you begin to admire the beauty that has literally been painted with more than hundred shades of green, blue, yellow, etc. you, then get to know how the beauty of the nature squares itself!

The other place is the biggest Cricket Ground where all the cricket players polish themselves with the assisstance of their devoted coaches!

Comprising of some hotels for staying, one post office, a small market for daily requirements, a school, a handful of restaurants, certain legal buildings, the place has no end to Nature, ample and abundance of nature is what you will find here!

The beauty that you would admire for two days living here renders a new edge to your perception, a perception that ends in quietitude, contentment, solace, admiration, respect for beauty, the love for nature as something original, a peaceful mind and finally a new ray to focus on the apt decisions of life! Paying a casual two days visit to this place will definitely instill, in an individual, a distinct break from the hustle bustle of the day, a break which not only extracts you from the monotonous routine but also brings to you the nostalgia of the best moments that you have ever spent in your life!

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