Your Mantra to Beat the Sweltering heat!

Summer time can be quite a cumbersome phase for a Dilli-wala, even more so for the folks without air conditioning and water coolers. That being said, here are some life-saving ways to survive during the summer heat in Delhi.

  • Cooling your pulse

–          This method can be initiated by placing a damp cloth in the freezer for some time, and then placing the frozen cloth on the wrists, so as to bring about some kind of an icy shock to your body. This would definitely help bring about some instant relief in the oppressive heat.

  • Increase your intake of spices

–          However strange this may sound, increasing the amount of spices in your food intake might actually result in cooling your body metabolism. By having your body react to the excessiveness of the spices, the resultant extra sweat will lower your body temperature in turn.

  • Constructing a makeshift AC

–          For this, just place a bowl of ice in front of a table fan, and just sit in front of the air flow, thus, letting it do its wonder!

  • Increasing your liquid intake, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol

–          During this hot weather in Delhi, make sure to avoid all kinds of alcohol (even beer), as that is bound to lead to dehydration in your body. What would be most fruitful are lots of fruit juice and water, of course.

  • Having fresh and light food as your major meals

–          Speaking of food, let’s just stick to fresh fruits and vegetables. For now, just harken back to the nearest KB’s Fair Price or Reliance Fresh stores, and stock up your kitchen stock on mangoes, water melon, bananas and jamun. Salads would be always welcome. And how can one forget about mint- with it, just make one of those basic mojito drinks at home, and you are good to go!

Pic Credit : blog.wello.com

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