Ama Cafe- A walk into the culinary heaven!

I am quite certain that you must have heard people rave about the food at Majnu ka Tila, like umpteen numbers of times. Let me assure you, if you already haven’t had the pleasure to go there, it is every bit fantastic as it is made out to be. Navigating the narrow crowded colorful pleasant lanes of MKT is in itself a delight, but as you start taking the stairs for AMA café- its inner warmth and conversation drowns out everything else.  The aromas wafting of their bakery products, which btw are the USP of the café, take over every taste bud.

And if there is one thing, one must absolutely try at AMA- it is their Mud cake. In their sinful collection of pastries, pies and cakes you might also want to have a taste of apple pie, pineapple upside down, Tiramisu, apple cinnamon cake among others.

It is an ideal place to visit after a work day and unwind with some friends and beverage collection, enveloped by the serene woody ambience. Primarily known for its bakery selection, they do have some amazing other stuff too!  They offer a refreshing array of Iced blended Shakes, Cold Refreshers, Ice blended Coffee, Fresh Fruit Juice, Coffee and Herbal and Green Tea. Breakfast products such as Pancakes, Muesli with milk or curd and the customer’s choice of fruits are served in the mornings while omlettes, sandwiches, garlic breads, masala omlette and half fried eggs are served throughout the day.

It is almost always jam-packed- which might or might not be something you’d welcome. The downside of this however is when they run out of certain food items, which happens way too often. So I’d advise you not to go in with a set craving of something in particular, you might be disappointed.

Some of their menu items which have been gloriously praised include Banoffee pie, tiramisu and mud cake. So go in there with curiosity and madness for food.

Where: House 6, New Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Timings: 7AM – 10 PM

Cost for two: 450 INR

Pic Credit: ayandrali.wordpress.com

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