Time to go on a food parade- North Campus, DU

The Essential Guide to Food @ North Campus, DU

 When you are a student, it is not only the pocket that constrains your food choices, sometimes it’s the taste buds which get accustomed to certain tastes. The taste lingers on well after you have moved on to different spaces in your lives and leaves you reminiscing about college canteen’s food or corner wale bhaiya ke chole-kulche. The kind of go-to places one often discovers in the university space are indeed an important part of the whole journey. Delhi University spans far and wide, but even the compact North Campus has enough options to allow you the choices when it comes to the staple student diet. Here are a few

1. Gwyer Hall

One word- Parathas. And other words too wait- quite an array in fact at Gwyer Hall canteen. With Maggie, toasts, sweet samosas, cold coffee and various shakes- it pretty much takes care of satiating your tongue as well as your stomach. You would also encounter flocks of students- undergraduates to PhD people, if you drop by any time at all

2. Anna’s

Missing South Indian flavor, here is the cure. The Masala Dosa and various rice dishes from Lemon rice to Egg rice to Veg fried rice- every morsel of food would make you come back. Even if you choose not to have a full meal- Idli-sambhar, Vada-Sambhar or Dal-Vada will take care of your hunger well enough. It is however very small scale outlet, right next to the main gate of PG Men’s Hostel

3.V.K.R.V Hostel

Situated right next to Gwyer Hall, V.K.R.V. hostel canteen has a very small menu- the essentials of surviving the college years – Parathas, Maggie, tea and coffee. And despite this, this place has secured a mention in the list for three things- its Lemon tea, green chutney and seclusion. As a result of the absence of crowds thronging, food reaches your table fast enough too

4.D-School Canteen

Another place for having good staple food with a group of friends! The canteen offers Masala dosa, Uttapam to rice with several curries. Rice with Egg curry has long been a reason for people coming back to it over and over again. You might want to reach in time for lunch or before it, if you don’t want to miss out on any dishes!

Pic Credit : marissawuisout.wordpress.com

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