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RangMunch : A Review

There is clearly no dearth of little quaint and not-so-quaint cafes mushrooming in and out of the university north campus. And sadly enough, a lot of them have relatively short life spans and get blotted out by trendier, newer and more economical options that students are always looking for. One of these days, quite oddly placed, Rangmunch, a tasteful fast food café, might be the answer you foodies have been looking for.

Situated next to the GTB metro station, this little café displays substantial taste on their menu as well as their walls. Surrounded with iconic faces and dialogues from movies ranging from Sholay to The Pulp Fiction, sitting tight with platefuls of food might be the stress buster you need once every while.

They offer a selection of pizzas, Garlic breads, Chinese, Fries, Burgers and a curious section of egg based food, they have termed ‘Eggstacy’. One can always rely on Maggie and wraps being an integral part of a student area café. Rangmunch doesn’t disappoint in either section, with their chicken seekh wraps or Cheese wali maggie. Additionally, Tandoori sandwiches have been a favorite of mine, for a while here.

The creativity you will feel in the very vibe of the café only gets enhanced with the food. Their burgers or pizzas manage to be extremely cheesy, delicious and yet offer a freshness of touch and taste that might lull you into thinking of them as the healthiest carbs ever!

I would strongly advocate you to take your taste buds in for a treat while you try their Corn and Paneer Tandoori Pizza or Chicken Chinese Tandoori Pizza. Their Pasta choices aren’t limited to the regularities either.  If you are not a stickler for tradition and are always up for something new, their Maggie masala pasta or Bruce lee Pasta might be just the thing for you.

Rangmunch has an equally fresh selection of coolers and shakes. The only thing that might be a glitch here, would be the limited beverage choices.

Happy Food Loitering!

Where : 2059, Outram Lines, GTB Nagar, Delhi

Timings : 11 AM to 11 PM

Contact : +91 7289815134
+91 7289815135

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