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5 Outlets in Delhi that sought to bring a Desi Twist to the Momo Recipe

In the recent years, we have seen an upsurge in the ever-growing fanatic love for the Tibetan cuisine, momo. Now, being one of the irreplaceable fancies of the Delhi middle class, you are bound to find a momo selling vendor in every bylane of Delhi. But amidst all the monotonous complacency, there have been some outlets which have either excelled in the usual kinds or rather dabbled into some rather experimental palates. Following are 5 outlets in Delhi that added the extra ‘desi twist’ to the momo cuisine:

1. QD’s

This can be considered one of those places in which they decided to introduce the familiar tandoori flavor to the momos. After all, it would be considered a grave sin to even think about momos without chaat masala!

Where: 2520, 1st floor, Hudson lane, near, Delhi University

Contact: 011 33105476

Timing: 11AM- 11PM

2. Cafe Brown Sugar

This one is located in one of the most hotspot areas of NCR, and it just happens that this café is certainly one place which delivers the most varied range of momos. These vary from the usual chicken and paneer filling to those of spinach and mushroom. And they even cater to the diet-conscious bunch, in the lines of ‘womos’, viz, wheat momos. It just so happens that this one café can’t be missed by the foodies.

Where: M Block Market, GK I; Defence Colony

Contact: 01141631246, 011 42631247

Timing: 8AM- 12AM

3. Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Now, this one seems to trace back to its Himalayan cultural heritage, accompanied by traditional Himalayan music and their special serving of the ‘Newari momos’. Coupled with a desi palate of ‘aloo momos’ and the sesame and chilli sauces, this place seems to distinguish itself from the numerous other eateries in Delhi, as is seen by its ‘pahari’ ambience portrayed via brick walls and Tibetan flags. Amidst the ranges of Nepalese, Sikkim, Bhutanese and Tibetan dishes, how would a Delhiite ever miss out on the juiciest pork momos that s/he had ever had in the national capital.

Where: Hauz Khas Village

Contact: 011 4067 8649

Timing: 12:30AM- 11:15PM

4. Momo Mia!

Now, this one is located right at the centre of the Arunachal Tourism Department in Dilli Haat. After all, how can one ever say no to the goodness of freshly steamed momos, along with fruit beer!

Where: Aurobindo Marg, Dilli Haat

Contact: +91 9582342247

Timing: 12PM- 10PM

5. Dolma Aunty Momos

Now, as we arrive at the 20 year old snacks outlet at Lajpat Nagar, we encounter the famed steamed momos in the place, albeit the usual kind. Even though it is mainly relegated to that of paneer, chicken and vegetarian kinds, a true Delhiite would never say no to the infernal fiery red sauce served in this place. After all, the chilli obsession rings soundly in the capital!

Where: Central Market, Lajpat Nagar

Timing: 12PM- 10:30 PM

indiaopines.com ( pic source)

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