Sarojini Nagar- Lady’s first love

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

                                               -Rachel Zoe

With so many fashion weeks being organized in the city, Delhi has become synonymous with fashion to an extent that it is now being called THE FASHION CAPITAL. For youth, Delhi is like a ramp where they can easily walk dressed in their unique styles. It has evolved in style.  In the words of Edith Head “You can have anything, if you dress for it.” Never use the word “cheap” for fashion.

When it comes to fashion, we cannot carry on the discussion without the mention of the love for Sarojini Nagar Market. Located in the South west Delhi, this place is a paradise for fashion lovers. Apart from large number of showrooms of different brands, this place is heart of street market. In fact, it has kept the open market trend still alive! If you are ever low on budget then Sarojini Nagar market comes to your rescue. Here are few things that you cannot take a chance to miss in Sarojini.

Dresses: In Sarojini you can’t get over with dresses. You’ll find all kinds of dresses here. From party to beach, it’s all here. Cute dresses in cotton and shiffon are a must buy and it will cost no more than 250 bucks. You can try dresses of short, knee length and maxi dresses in various patterns.

Tops: This is the only place that offers a Mango, Vero Moda and Zara top in less than half the original rate. Now what more you can ask for! You can’t get enough of the varieties of tops that this place offers at a throw away prices.

Accessories: It is a win-win situation for trend followers. This market has a huge range of accessories like jewellery, scarves and some very pretty sling bags. All these are available at very low prices so that you can buy as many as you want for your outfits. This place even has amazing shades to complete the look.

The Little Tip:  Please do not forget to bargain! Grabbing the best deals here is only possible if you master the skill of bargaining! Tag along with someone who is a bargaining genius in case you fall a little behind in the art!

More about bargaining skills: Click here

Changing your wardrobe is always so much fun if you have a place as this as an option. If you love to follow the latest fashion trends, rush to this heaven and shop till you drop!

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