Indian Coffee House

It’s a ROOFTOP COFFEE HOUSE which offers both the aroma of delicious coffee and the feel of being in British India to you. When you reach the roof top after passing by the noisy shops at the first floor in the evening, you feel like you are high above the sky and Connaught place lit by lights seems as if stars are beneath you and a sip of delicious coffee does the magic! Its open round the clock from 9 A.M to 9 P.M and obviously visit the place anytime and you will be mesmerized by what it has to offer you. In the day time, you can hear the noise of birds which are really soothing to the ears especially when you live in a busy city and the freshness of air does its work on you. You will find people from all age groups- students, working people, adults, senior citizens chit chatting in their groups. There are topics of journalism, politics, love, religion, sports and many more that would trigger your ears every now and then. Now let us turn towards the tables and the sitting area.

The rooftop is divided in three parts- The first and the most common part is the OPEN AIR area , the second division is a general sitting arrangement, and the third one is somewhat like a small high tea arrangement. All the three parts have their beauty and aura! The coffee and the dishes that you order are given to you by a person dressed in white uniform which goes back to the dress code for waiters in British India. And you automatically feel something nice about it! The Indian Coffee House takes pride in their crisp and authentic menu. Starting from delicious range of coffee to bread toast, bread -butter to dosa, biryani and upto fifty one items are put before you to choose from.

The best part which makes Indian Coffee House the best hangout place for students and people around Connaught Place is that the price in the menu starts from 9.85 INR which is for bread and butter and the maximum price is 102INR which is for mutton biryani. And COFFEE which gives the place its name starts from 16 INR for the plain one and you can enjoy your cold coffee with cream in just 38 INR. This is what makes the place all the more customer friendly and you enjoy your meal or coffee much more than what you would have in an expensive restaurant.

IT’S A FEEL GOOD PAY LESS DEAL. SO next time you visit CONNAUGHT PLACE do visit INDIAN COFFEE HOUSE, have fun, enjoy and spend your time in a different way…!

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