Dana Choga – Spicy and Savory Flavors of the North

It is well known that North Indians love spicy and savory foods and people from all over the world come to relish North Indian food.

Dana Choga restaurant in the Sushant Arcade marketplace in Gurgaon is the apt place to get indulged in the flavors of North India. At any time of the day, it is impossible to find this place empty. In the evening, the place gets packed by 8:3pm and a long queue starts waiting outside. The home delivery counter is also very busy, since many people staying in nearby areas order food from here.

One of the specialties of Dana Choga is the Fish Tikka Ajwaini which is a seasonal dish. It has a smokey flavor which is very much liked by the palate. The golden fried mushroom is a starter to die for. One of chef’s special dishes is the Sunehre achari kebab. Those who like pickles will definitely like this one.

For main course, non-vegetarians must try Chicken Chatkara. Boneless pieces of chicken are cooked in thick gravy and have a very tangy taste. You will be tempted to lick your fingers while eating this chicken delicacy. The biryanis of Dana Choga are really famous and most people come here for biryani. Keema egg curry is an egg dish with thick gravy with small chunks of keema which are really ambrosial.

Most people tend to overeat at this place and end up being too full. But, you need not worry! The sumptuous pans that are served at the end of the meal aid in digestion and no one can stop at just one!

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