Reinventing Pizza- The R.P.W Way

Delhi has several pizza places but we guarantee you haven’t heard of a Desi & Street Tadka Pizza. Well- it really is the name of a pizza and if you want to try it, simply head for R.P.W pizza. Located in the Daryaganj fruit market this small place is not a fancy sit-in eatery. They have just enough place where you can stand and eat these delicious pizzas and it’s open for limited hours- 5pm to 10pm. It’s the favorite haunt of street food lovers and they have home delivery too.

The One Man Show

The specialty of this fascinating pizza is that one person handles the preparation from start to finish and 10 minutes is all it takes for this amazing non-glamorous chef to dole out the most mouth-watering, non-conventional pizza you have ever eaten. You can choose from the Mushroom or the Baby Pizza or even the Special Lover’s Pizza. The standard pizza is the most delicious and is loaded with onion, tomato, sweet corn, capsicum and extra cheese. This melt-in-the-mouth piece of heaven and its burst of flavors is indescribable.

What makes this pizza special is the secret ingredient – Chaat Masala! That’s right, every single pizza has a sprinkling of chaat masala on it and it’s the ultimate in street fusion cuisine we think. Don’t try to decipher it or demystify it and ask why a pizza should even have it and whether the dish should be called a pizza at all. Just savor every bite and keep going back to R.P.W Pizza for more of this delectable Indian version.

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