Big Food Surprises at Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow door is located at Satya Niketan bang opposite Sri Venkateswara College. The place is cozy, lively and ticking with energy at all times. The yellow door concept has been carried right through the décor beautifully, giving it a peppy college café feel. You can choose from the lazy couch or the normal chair seating concept.

The Juicy Burgers

Let’s move on to the food. Burgers are on the menu and the Cajun Spicy Bombay Burger will spice up your taste buds. The heavy, two patties BYD Cheese Bomb Burger is a distinctively different burger, and if you are not too hungry you might just have a tough time finishing it. Served in attractive baskets, the burgers come with a side serving of two dips and wafers. The normal ketchup and the garlic mayonnaise add a tangy flavor and smoothness to the entire dish. Both the burgers were delicious and juicy to the last bite.

The Tipy-licious Pasta

There was nothing original about the Maggie Original, but the Tipsy-licious Pasta was to-die-for. Perfectly cooked penne with tantalizingly delicious pomodora tomato-cream sauce with a dash of vodka makes the dish a perfectly balanced meal. Most of the shakes are nothing to talk home about but the Chocolate Brownie Shake is one of the best in Delhi. What’s even better about this place is that everything is reasonably priced which makes it the perfect haunt for students and anyone who is looking for a quick, tasty and easy- on-the-pocket bite.

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