Hurry to Harry’s

The summer heat is searing and the temperatures are soaring but then- so are your spirits. Talking about spirits brings to mind Harry’s – probably the one spot that any Delhiite would make a beeline for over the weekend, for a casual drink or for that break that you just must have. This popular Singapore chain has rooted itself very firmly in Delhi, at Select City Walk and now the Khan Market Harry’s is a set to be a fixture too.

 3Music, Food & Drink

Good music, good food and good drinks to down it all- what more can you ask for? But it’s the drinks that hog the limelight. Dirty Harry, the signature drink is mint vodka with litchi and a hint of demerara. But for the classic scotch lovers, who think it is a sin to have the liquid gold as anything but “on the rocks”, Harry’s likes to introduce some drama into everything. Harry’s Old Fashioned is caramel and orange peel added to your favorite scotch on the rocks- it will take your taste buds on a spin. The Sangria Chaser is for all the tequila lovers and complimentary peanuts will be at every table, to welcome you.

A Matter of Course

Masala French Fries rise to the occasion and are a perfect complement to many a drink. Nachos heaped with Rajma beans (all Indianised for you), Bruschetta, Mushroom Fritters and Harry’s Mini Burger are all accompaniments that tantalize your taste buds even as you sip on your delicious and refreshing drink. Before you think that is all there is to Harry’s – hold on. They outdo themselves with a range of main course dishes and dish out the most delicious Thai curry with rice-but then it’s the drink at Harry’s that makes your day, or night



62, Second Floor,  Khan Market, New Delhi

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