The Magic of Mcleodganj

Yes, it’s a beautiful place! The weather was to die for when I traversed this food trail. But let’s not meander; let’s just talk about our focus point- ‘Food’. I embarked on my food trail from a small food place named the Snowlion café. This place looks a little shoddy on the outside, but once you enter it, the ambience of a high-end café envelops you. There were good books and even better food. We ordered a Thupka, Potato & Cheese Momos and a banana pie.

Thupka is a local noodles soup. The noodles in the Thupka are made in-house, and the food was heart-warming, soothing and delicious. The pie was sweet and crumbly and a perfect ending to a satisfying meal.

Treating the taste-buds

Lunch was at the Pemathang Café, which is in the vicinity of the famous Surya Hotel. We ordered a thin crust pizza that was flavoured with natural herbs and baked in a wood-stoked oven. The aroma of the fresh herbs and the smoky flavor engulfed my senses and I can say without doubt that it was the best pizza I have ever eaten.

And the journey continues…

A short nap later, I ventured into the bazaar area and wandered into Nowrojee Junction. The oldest department store in town (founded in the early 20th century), is located here. I also chanced upon an English-style bakery, and very soon we were having our fill of some of the most delectable pastries.

Dinner was at the Kunga Guest House kitchen- Nick’s Italian kitchen. I ordered a risotto with mushroom and penne with a mouth-watering spicy, arabiatta sauce. Overall, it was a food journey that will linger in my memory for a long time!

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