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Delectable delights from Bharti's Kitchen

Authentic Rajasthani cuisine and the marwari flair in the décor of the seating area made up all for the royal ride at Bharti Sanghi’s Golf Link,Delhi villa.

The afternoon was dedicated to ‘A desert Safari’ hosted by Ms. Bharti Sanghi, food expert and proud owner of the brand ‘Life’. Life, brings together specially created recipes for beverages handed down over generations.The entire idea of the event was to showcase the best of Rajasthani cuisine for which Bharti is well known for.

Arranged on a buffet table in the residence garden area under the winter sun, various Rajasthani cuisines specially prepared by Bharti and well assisted by her team were showcased:-

Names of Brunch dishes are:

·         BajraRaab

·         Tukmeri Falooda drink

·         MatarKachori

·         Ker Sangri

·         GattaSubzi

·         PyazkiSubzi

·         Daalpuri, MatarPuri

·         FogelekaRaita

·         Kabuli Rice

·         KadhiPakori

·         Moong dal Halwa


The aroma of these well prepared dishes infused the environment giving a feel like of being in the Marwar land. To begin with, a regional drink ‘Bajre ka Raab’ was served by Bharti herself as she explained its preparation from millet flour and curd with a pinch of salt as per taste. This is usually served a bit warm , is simple in taste but is very nutritious. As a starter was served the ‘Matar ki kachori’ the filling of which was perfect and the outer layer as crispy. This can be eaten with coriander and tamarind sauce.

As a part of her live cooking, she prepared ‘pyaz ki sabjee’ in a matter of 2 minutes which were an add on’s to the already prepared maincourse vegetables like ‘Ker ki Sangri’, Kadhi pakori, and Gatte ki sabjee.All of which tasted simply delicious when eaten with Daapuri and matar puri!

One of the great dishes of Rajasthani cuisine is ‘ Ker ki Sangri’. Typically made in mustard oil , this veggie had perfect aroma. The Gram flour dumplings ‘Gatte ki sabjee’ were well prepared with a rich gravy. The Kadhi pakora seemed to be made in the perfect curd which was specially prepared in Bharti’s home.

Other additions were the ‘Fogeleka Raita’, ‘Kabuli Rice’ and in deserts some really authentic rajasthani sweet dishes like ‘Moong Dal ka Halwa’ and ‘barfi’.

The Kabuli rice was the highlight of the menu and tasted exotic.This Mughlai Rajasthani recipe makes for rich feasting with alternating layers of rice, gravy and fried delights. ‘Fogele ka Raita’ was something very unusual and was sounded quite good in the entire menu.

Moong Daal ka halwa was something from Grandma’s kitchen and Bharti justified it very well.

“The Rajasthani dishes has its forbearance to the fact that in a state of dry land where green leafy vegetables hardly grew, these vegetables were the best dietary supplements.” says Bharti Sanghi

The vast to explore, Rajasthani cuisine, is a splendid array of unique, rich, colorful, spicy curries and mouth-watering Delectable sweets. This style of cooking, is not only the mirror of wealth and prosperity,  but also reflects the traditional warrior lifestyles and the availability of ingredients in this water starved region.



Bajre ka  Raab


Recipe Ingredients

* Bajra (Millet Flour) – 4 tbsp

* Yogurt – 250g

* Salt to taste

* Water – 15 cups


Mix together the yogurt & water and the flour in a bowl and boil. Then add salt and let it simmer until it gets a curry like consistency.Serve warm.  


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