Anand Restaurant – Definitely Enjoyable

Anand Restaurant is located in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, at Scindia House. Connaught place is flooded with restaurants and cafe’s, but this one is pretty popular since it is quite affordable. It is surrounded by many offices and so, it is very busy during the lunch hours. Many office goers do not like to carry lunch from home, since they want to relish the food at Anand’s. In the evenings also, it is crowded as many late workers and other miscellaneous groups come to dine here.

Though many people stand outside the place and eat, there are others who like to sit inside the air-conditioned area and have their meal. It is not a very nicely done up place. Just average but the food is good and that’s what counts.

To add to your convenience and increase their business, Anand Restaurant also delivers food into your office, at your work station. The food seems just like home cooked food, which has been prepared by the Punjabi way and pampered with oodles of desi ghee! The quantity is good enough and all the food is freshly – prepared.

The most popular dish is the biryani at Anand’s. Vegetable, chicken and keema biryanis are wonderful. Each strand of rice can be seen intact in the biryani and it is flavored nicely. The curries are well -seasoned and the consistency is just right. Best eaten with a butter roti or a butter naan, the chicken and mutton curry are simply finger-licking. The vegetarians’ favorite is the Dal Makhni. It’s topped with white butter and is delicious.

If you plan to eat here during your lunch hours, make sure you finish your work and leave for an early lunch, so that you don’t have to wait in the long queue!

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