Tempting Samosas at Punjab Sweet Shop, Kirti Nagar

Since 1958, Punjab Sweet Shop (PSS) has been delivering quality sweets to people in and around Kirti Nagar. Though there are many sweet shops in the nearby areas, but still most of us like to get sweets from here. It is located in the centre of the small market at a corner and is always crowded. All sweets are freshly prepared and the shop is pretty hygienic. Home delivery is available within 3 kms and PSS also specializes in outdoor catering.

The most loved item is the samosas of PSS. They start making the samosas around 3:30pm every afternoon and by 4pm, there is huge rush to buy them. Many people sacrifice their afternoon nap just to get samosas to go along with their evening tea. The stuffing is of potatoes, which are very well spiced and the samosas are really crisp. The samosas have accompanying chutney which is simply awesome. It has a different taste since it is prepared with mint and tamarind. Both make such an amazing combination that one can’t eat just one samosa. The samosas of PSS are one of prime snacks of all kitty parties in the vicinity. Every time I visit Kirti Nagar, samosas from PSS are the only evening snacks I crave for.

Another favorite is the Paneer Pakora. Fresh paneer (cheese) is coated with besan (chickpea flour) and fried till golden perfection. It is then cut in half and can be eaten with the imli (tamarind) chutney or tomato ketchup. Many wait for the shop to open in the morning so that they can enjoy the paneer pakora for breakfast. As they say, eat breakfast like a king, what could be better than having sumptuous pakoras from PSS with tea to begin your day!

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