The Asia Kitchen – Overhyped!

The Asia Kitchen, which has outlets in Noida, Hauz Khas and Vasant Vihar is one of the most overhyped places in Delhi. It is hard to believe that it is a sister concern of the famous Rice Bowl restaurant in East Patel Nagar, where you get some amazing Chinese food.

The ambience at The Asia Kitchen is good but the sofas are very uncomfortable. Earlier they used to serve only chinese but now you can get food from many Asian cuisines, along with Indian Mughlai delicacies, but it seems they do not have well-trained chefs to prepare these dishes. Not only is the food unpalatable, even the service is absolutely disappointing!

Friends who had visited the place a week back did warn me since their experience was really weird. The veg. biryani that they ordered, contained a small stone. When the manager was notified of the problem, he tried to make up for it by serving them complimentary desserts!

I decided to give them a second chance and went again. We were seated immediately and we placed our order. After that, we just had to keep waiting. The starters that we ordered were served after the main course! The only items which were worth having are the Mongolian Soup and Vegetarian Green Roll with Coriander Strings. The fried rice did not seem to be fried. It seemed as if fried vegetables had been added to boiled rice. The noodles and the fried rice were served, while the curries arrived almost half an hour later.

A lot of sugar had been added to the Thai Green Curry and the chilli chicken which made it taste disgusting. Due to the long wait, we complained and again the same thing happened. They served us complimentary dessert –  Honey glazed flat noodles with sesame along with Vanilla Ice cream. But the damage could not be undone. The entire evening was spoilt. I would never recommend The Asia Kitchen to anyone!

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