Wonderful Wushu

Martials Arts is a method of fighting which requires discipline, commitment, and a knowledgeable teacher. In short, it’s not easy. Eating, on the other hand, requires only an appetite, and food. Wushu, the name of a popular Asian restaurant, suggests that it is a Chinese master serving up authentic Chinese cuisine. That’s the way it is.
The ambience goes well with the name. The walls are covered with posters featuring Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and all kinds of martial arts paraphenelia. There are two seating arrangements. The outer arrangement gets good lighting at night, and the inner arrangement is well thought-out, and comfortable. With red velvet sofas, you feel regal, and ready for a Chinese food feast. The only drawback is the parking downstairs. During the evening they have valet, but this service is not available during lunch hours.

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