Chatpati Delhi – Gol Gappe

Delhi is a major hub of street food vendors, attracting hoards of customers craving the unique specialties offered here. One of the most sought after street foods of Delhi and Mumbai is the gol gappa. A gol gappa or paani puri, as it is called in Mumbai is a crisp sphere made out of wheat flour (atta) or semolina (suji), which is filled with a tangy (chatpata) water, and tamarind chutney (Imli chutney), red chilli powder, potatoes, chickpeas, and chaat masala.

While it goes by different names in different states – Paani puri in Maharashtra, gup chup in Orissa, Puchka in Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand and Bataasha in Uttar Pradesh—most tend to call it “delicious”!

It fills your entire mouth with a delectable taste. The water sets your tongue on fire, but even then we can’t help but ask for the sonth wala pani from the gol gappe walla, followed by a sukhi papdi to soothe the tongue. It’s so good it leaves you craving more.

There is a gol gappe walla in every market of Delhi. You can get one plate of golgappe for Rs10. Different vendors prepare the water in their own way. There are other outlets like Haldiram’s, Bikanerwala where the bhaiya wears plastic gloves, and prepares paani puri.

One place where you must try paani puri is the Harish Chaat Bhandar, Opposite Central Park in  East Patel Nagar. This affordable road-side stall offers one of the tastiest paani puri in Delhi. His gol gappas are very famous in the areas around, and is usually sold out before the evening. You can also try his aloo tikki and dahi papdi. He serves his aloo tikki with chhole, which makes it even more savory.

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