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Majnu Ka Tilla: Delhi’s very own little Tibet

Majnu Ka Tilla or popularly known as MKT is Delhi’s very own little Tibet. Located in North Delhi, this place is famous for its monastery and Tibetan food. Also, there are shops selling Tibetan curious and silver jewellery. Majnu Ka Tilla reminds of a smaller version of Dharamshala with all the prayer flags, photos of Dalai Lama and a beautiful monastery. There are a variety of restaurants that serve some lip smacking and amazing Tibetan food.

Some delicacies are so popular that missing them would be like missing out on an experience

These are some of the delicacies which should not be missed when you visit this place:


Shabalay © Gary Soup
© Gary Soup

Shabalay reminds me of fried momos. You could also compare it to a stuffed samosa. I found Shabalay of to be more moist and juicier than the fried momos. I had ordered Chicken Shabalay, which has a good stuffing of chicken and finely cut vegetables. The jacket of the Shabalay is thick and crispy. The frying of these little pieces had enclosed all the flavours of the stuffing and with every bite the delicious meat tantalised the taste buds.

It is served with a spicy sauce which completely uplifts the flavours of the dish. Mutton and vegetarian Shabalay are also available.




Shapta was another amazing dish and there is option to choose from Chicken, Lamb and Pork stuffing.  The Chicken Shapta is a special dish and has some interesting flavours. The chicken pieces are diced and are cooked with ginger, garlic and lots of chillies. If you love spicy food, this dish is a must try for you.


Tingmo © yowangdu.com
© yowangdu.com

Tingmo, a Tibetan speciality, is basically steamed bread. The bread is light and has a soft texture. It has a bit of sweetness in it which gives it a great taste. It is a little moist and absorbs the gravy that it is being had with. It went really well with the Chicken Shapta.


Thukpa is a combination of soup and noodles. It is usually served in big bowls which has of soup in it with noodles and pieces of chicken or vegetables in it. It is pretty heavy and a wholesome meal. There are a number of options to choose from like Vegetarian Thukpa, Chicken Thukpa and even Pork Thukpa.



Momos or dimsums are divine here. The chefs at the different restaurants at the MKT  surely know the art of making delicious momos. They are soft and freshly flavoured. The stuffing be it chicken, lamb, pork or even vegetables, has amazing flavours and distinctive tastes which immediately transport you to the north east.

Price: Majnu Ka Tilla is perfect for the budget friendly visitors. You will get to enjoy loads of food without a dent on your wallet.

Where to eat:  Tee Dee Restaurant, Wongdhen House, and Ama Restaurant selling some yummy Tibetan food.

How to reach: The nearest metro station is Vidhan Sabha (on the yellow line) and then take a rickshaw which are available outside the station.

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